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Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: I wonder if Prince was with any pornstars over the past few years. via DailyMail.co.uk Prince ‘was diagnosed with AIDS six months before he died and refused treatment because he believed God would heal him’ Prince contracted HIV in mid-90s but condition developed into AIDS six months ago, anonymous sources have claimed Prince was suffering from AIDS before being found dead last week and had refused treatment because he believed he could be cured by prayer, it has been claimed. The Purple Rain singer,Read More
Noah Filipiak
Lifesitenews.com LANSING, Michigan, March 8, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – A church pastor who overcame an addiction to pornography says that porn is a national public health crisis. Noah Filipiak is a Teaching Pastor at Crossroads Church in Lansing, Michigan.  He admitted on the church’s website: “Starting around the mid-to-late 90’s when home internet began to become commonplace, pornography has been raising generations of children. It did me.” The pastor continued: “I was a good church kid who genuinely loved Jesus, but my family happened to get home internet when I wasRead More
Alexandra fka Monica Foster & Diana fka Desi Foxx in conjunction with PornInTheValley.com and PornNewsToday.com present another Porn and Hollywood News monthly review for February of 2015. While Diana covers the connections between the organized crime groups, sex trafficking and the pornographic industry, Alexandra goes into extensive detail as to how the Jewish not only control the porn industry, Hollywood, Banking and media, but how the Jewish Zionists specifically utilize pornography as a weapon against the American public. Alexandra and Diana also discuss President Barack Obama’s stance on violence againstRead More
spotted on Forward.com Gaza Tech Workers Target Israeli Instutions A group of hackers from Gaza used pornographic videos in a wide-scale cyberattack on several Israeli institutions and individuals. A report titled Operation Arid Viper: Bypassing the Iron Dome released Monday by the cyber security company Trend Micro detailed the hacking campaign carried out by the tech workers from Gaza. The report called the strategy of using pornographic videos “distinct” and “previously unseen.” The hackers sent individuals a “phishing” email with a “pornographic movie” meant to embarrass targets into ignoring theRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: So the porn studio Hustler officially has acknowledged that God is real on court record… interesting… Unfortunately Hustler’s attorneys have forgotten that God’s greatest gift to humans is FREE WILL. Sorry stupid porn attorneys, but Dan Bilzerian acted on his own. God didn’t cause that pornstar’s injuries. The interesting thing about this situation from my perspective, is that it appears that Hustler is essentially acting as Dan Bilzerian’s personal pimp by providing him directly with pornstars to do whatever he wants with… Give meRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: The last time PornNewsToday checked in with Jessa Rhodes she was tweeting about how she wanted to gun down everyone who has HIV.  Today Jessa decided to share some additional thoughts…this time about Feminists, Soccer Mom’s and of course…the AMAZING people in porn.  I decided to include my commentary to Jessa’s words in PINK 🙂 “Have you ever noticed the women who are “feminists” are really ugly and hateful? (beauty is in the eye of the beholder…I think Jessica Drake and Nina Hartley are holdingRead More
Monica Foster commentary: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL – and people accuse me of “playing both sides”…  I still feel that there is something incredibly off about Craig Gross, but I’m just not sure as to what it is (as of current I think that he and his ministry are being utilized as “controlled opposition” by the powers that be of the porn industry), but I have a feeling that we’ll learn the truth in time from the man who Gross founded the xxxChurch with – Mike Foster. I wonder what ever will become ofRead More
  Monica Foster of www.ChristianPornstar.com commentary: When you dance with the Devil in the pale moon light… angles close the gates of heaven.  Please notice that the xxxChurch logo is an artistic rendering of one of Los Angeles porn’s IDOLS Ron Jeremy (when he was in his prime). Sorry folks, but I have a feeling that the father of Jesus Christ doesn’t look too kindly upon a supposed Christian group’s avatar being the face of a man who has “fallen”. The xxxChurch is definitely a group to watch – especiallyRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I’m glad that the truth in regards to the consequences of being in porn is finally being made known. Think twice…then think again. article spotted on BCTV  More than 300 people waited in line Wednesday, Feb. 27, outside the McFarland Student Union Building at Kutztown University. What brought all these people together was porn. They were waiting to see Pastor Craig Gross and adult-film star Nina Hartley go head to head in a debate about pornography. Gross founded www.XXXchurch.com, designed to help people overcome porn addiction. He stronglyRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Well it’s good to see that Patrick feel’s he’s put his life (and most importantly his mindset) on a better path – a guy this hot and attractive doesn’t need to waste his life looking at a false fantasy – he can certainly attract a much more beautiful and rich reality! spotted on ShelleyLubben.com Mon, 02/04/2013 – 10:53am — shelleylubben from Jesus.ch and Blick (German translation) “Roxy has cured my porn addiction!” So singer and model Patrick Nuo cited. In the TV show “Jungle Camp”, he confessed that he was addicted to porn. AndRead More