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Danny Mountain stalk Michael Weinstein
In this Porn News Alert (brought to you by, Alexandra shares some extremely disturbing video footage of porn bully, domestic violence villain and male prostitute Danny Mountain stalking, confronting and physically intimidating the modern day saint and HIV activist Michael Weinstein (President of the AHF). For many years now Alexandra has made it known to the public the porn industry is FULL of bullies and thugs attached to organized crime – and the video clips of Danny Mountain in this Porn News Alert are the evidenceRead More
Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Gotta wonder how often this is happening right here in America… The truth always comes out in time. spotted on DailyMail¬† Young women are regularly being duped into signing ‘modelling’ contracts in Japan then forced to perform in porn films where they are often gang-raped, warn campaigners Campaigners and attorneys have revealed their shocking research findings Women are duped into signing ‘modelling’ contracts, then forced into porn They found that in some cases, the victims were gang-raped during filming Activists have been alarmed byRead More
Monica Foster editorial:¬† Rhianna and her new hairstyle Since when do black women allow men to beat the shit out of them? No woman should allow ANY man to leave her black and blue, but at least up until now it’s seemed that black women especially didn’t put up with that crap. Rhianna bruised after Chris Brown beat her I’m very disturbed to see that not just 1, but 2 high profile women who happen to be black openly acknowledging being beaten by their lovers and acting as if it’sRead More