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via AHF: Porn Producers Throw in the Towel on L.A.’s Measure B Los Angeles County Supervisors vote to settle lawsuit brought by Vivid Entertainment & adult industry to block implementation of L.A. County’s Measure B, the 2012 ballot measure approved by 57% of Los Angeles County voters that requires actors in pornographic films to wear condoms. Vivid & adult industry decline to continue with lawsuit; give in to constitutionality of condom requirement in adult films after U.S. Ninth District Court and the U.S. Ninth District Court of Appeals upheldRead More
Monica Foster commentary: BWAHAHAHAHAHA – everything’s going according to plan… article spotted on HeraldOnline After the porn industry sued L.A. County officials to block implementation of Measure B, the Los Angeles County Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act, claiming it was unconstitutional, five people connected with AHF who sponsored the measure sought and LOS ANGELES — A federal court judge has denied the porn industry’s efforts to have a group of five individuals affiliated with AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) removed as ‘interveners’ in a ‘condoms in porn’ lawsuit the industry broughtRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I’m glad that Gene Ross of and Rob Black of Sinister TV are doing their best to tell the porn industry & the public the truth about Diane Duke and the Free Speech Coalition … the only people they speak for are those who don’t respect the laws of the United States of America (a country which offers far more freedom and opportunity than almost anywhere else on Earth). Assembly Bill 332 (AB332) is an EMPLOYMENT LAW issue (just as Measure B was) – NOT ARead More
Monica Foster commentary: I and many others who did our best to get the word out in regards to Measure B (a ballot measure supported largely by the Aids HealthCare Foundation which has the purpose of mandating condoms and other protective measures and regulations within the Los Angeles porn industry in effort to protect the health of performers) send well wishes, congratulations and words of THANKS to Michael Weinstein (President of the AHF) and all the other AHF staff members and supporters. Michael Weinstein and the AHF staff have selflessly takenRead More