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Pornography featuring pregnant women (produced with the specific intent of catering to men who have a “pregnancy fetish”) should be illegal. Pregnancy Porn is theoretically child abuse, pedophilia & sex trafficking of a minor. As of current male prostitute, webcam sex worker and ex pornstar Donald Seoane is marketing his 8 week pregnant wife online to both webcam viewers and men interested in meeting her for “dates” offline (in person). Please visit www.SavingHeather.com for further information on the young woman being victimized by Donald Seoane. Sign this petition to putRead More
Chicken never looked so good! Especially, after you check out the “sizzling hot” recipes in the “50 Shades of Chicken” cookbook. Based on E.L. James’ erotic trilogy “50 Shades of Grey” it shows just how sexy chicken can be. In fact the cookbook is more like poultry porn. Now on shelves, it offers sexually-inspired recipes such as “bacon-bound wings” and “birds gone wild.” There are also plenty of sexually-charged passages with lines such as “I brood in the luscious marinade. Some jerks are nicer than others” and “I’m going toRead More