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***Read the full report at the end of this post. Alexandra Mayers commentary: If there’s justice in the Universe, the developers and operators of Pornwikileaks (along with individuals such as Ari Scott Bass and Sean Matthew Tompkins) will be held accountable for the assault against me, my family and the multitudes of others the venture targeted. Cyber violence is psychological warfare – and in regards to how pornography ties into it all…today’s pornographic industry is essentially entirely controlled by ORGANIZED CRIME (in other words, today criminals are fraudulently labeling themselvesRead More
Sign this petition to put pornographer Will Ryder aka Jeff Mullen in jail for obscenity and inciting violence against women and children I need you all to click here and sign this petition. Thank you. Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Nothing porn director Jeff Mullen aka Will Ryder (director of Not The Cosbys XXX) does at this point surprises me, because from my perspective he is simply a mentally ill individual. In my final days as an active pornstar in the Los Angeles porn industry, after starring as “Claire”Read More
Monica Foster commentary: I’ve only heard of Tristan here and there over the years, but I’m very impressed with her views as of today (and most importantly her compassion). Make sure you check out her website www.PuckerUp.com article spotted on AdultFYI.com (make sure you read Gene Ross’s follow up to this post by clicking here) from www.cnn.com – — Over the summer, veteran porn producer Tristan Taormino was looking for performers for her new movie. A casting agent recommended a woman named Cameron Bay, and Taormino put her on her short list.Read More