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Jay Grdina and family - via TMZ.com & LUkeIsBack.com
Alexandra Mayers commentary:  I guess Jay Grdnia really thought that his “white privilege” would somehow give him a free pass to have a “normal family life” after exploiting and selling not only his own soul and image, but that of a multitude of others as well… I’m actually surprised that his ex Jenna Jameson didn’t clue Grdina in to the fact that the only way a porn professional’s children can experience a SHRED of normalcy in American society after a career in the pornographic industry is within the “Jewish” communityRead More
open casket - porn industry deaths
***Update: It appears that this week the total death count is actually 5.  Porn industry sales veteran Rick Wells died as did a gay pornstar by the name of Rick B. Perhaps there will be some more recognizable names next week… Alexandra Mayers commentary:  It seems the average expiration date of behind the scenes key porn industry figures is around 65. There’s a few who are long overdue to cross over or disappear in my opinion – for example: Karch, Hartley, Jeremy, Holland, Randall… rumor has it a few onRead More
Jesse Jane - 35 years old and passed out in the early afternoon on the streets of Las Vegas, NV
Alexandra Mayers commentary: Whoever handles Jesse Jane nowadays (I think it’s Jules Jordan since she left Digital Playground) might need to stage an intervention, because being passed out drunk and/or intoxicated at 1pm on the streets of Las Vegas really isn’t a good look… Enjoy the videos below – Jesse Jane has a pattern of passing out in public going back to about 2008.  Is she drunk? Is she overly medicating herself? Is someone routinely drugging her to control her and possibly rape her?  Regardless it’s time for someone whoRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary:  So since Dykstra scammed a privileged white pornstar this time rather than a financially challenged Black one, could LAPD finally put this animal down for good? Dyktra is one of those people who should be rendered completely brain dead via a lightening strike. article spotted on Philly.com The trouble for former Phillies continues this week, with Lenny Dykstra now accused of stealing $50,000 worth of jewelry from Charlie Sheen’s porn star ex, Brett Rossi — allegations “Nails “has denied. “Sounds like the porn-star mentalityRead More
Pornstars are often marked by their slavemasters with tattoos
Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: FINALLY, someone at CNN had the guts to bring to light one way to identify VERIFIABLE sex trafficking victims.  The TRUTH and the KEY of how to do so has ALWAYS been in PLAIN SITE – it’s the TATTOOS. I will never forget how it was a HUGE thing to producers who cast me in their videos, (and the man I was dating who was a 20 year veteran porn industry professional) that I don’t have ANY tattoos.  It was amazing to them toRead More
www.TweetingBullies.com - a new website to identify stalkers and bullies on social media sites such as Twitter
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Since 2010, Donny Long aka Donald Carlos Seoane has stalked, bullied, harassed, threatened and terrorized a multitude of individuals utilizing the social networking platform Twitter (via his aliases @xxxfilmjobs and @realadultjobs).  Though at one point, Seoane’s company xxxFilmJobs appeared to have been barred from twitter, April of 2015 , strangely the account was reactivated. As of this morning however, neither xxxFilmJobs or Donny Long are on twitter anymore.  A new anti-bully website called Tweeting Bullies (www.TweetingBullies.com) has successfully worked with Twitter to suspend Seoane’sRead More
Alexandra Mayers commentary:  Between this guy being an Ashley Madison subscriber and allegedly paying a pornstar for sex, I wonder what other skeletons he has in his closet? He seems to be another “Bill Cosby” type… article spotted on national.suntimes.com A 28-year-old stripper and porn star claims to have slept with disgraced former reality TV star Josh Duggar twice, according to a report from In Touch magazine. Danica Dillon told the magazine that the encounters happened after they met in a club in Philadelphia in mid-March of this year andRead More
Alexandra Mayers commentary: Jeff Mullen aka Will Ryder continues to attempt to justify his blatant mockery of the Bill Cosby rape allegations – and all in the name of greed. Watch the video posted below to learn the truth of how Jeff Mullen aka Will Ryder has a history of attempting to intimidate rape victims into silence and protecting known rapists attached to the pornographic industry. The reality is Jeff Mullen aka Will Ryder THINKS RAPE IS FUNNY AND THAT SOME WOMEN (such as myself) DESERVE TO BE RAPED.  Read More
angela aspen fka jessica neely
Alexandra Mayers commentary: I remember hearing about this particular woman through a mutual acquaintance… a sexworker by the name of Brittany Blaze.  I never would have imagined that Jessica would be one to speak out against the horrors of the porn industry today.  Goes to show…you never know how life will change you 🙂 Sometimes I wonder how I’d feel about the porn industry if Will Ryder aka Jeff Mullen’s partner, Scott David, had never delivered me to that party where I was raped by a guy who went byRead More
Alexandra Mayers commentary: Once again cyber terrorist Donny Long aka Donald Carlos Seoane and the racist & homophobic hate site Pornwikileaks (a website which outed the private and personal information of hundreds of adult industry performers & that of their families) have concocted another scheme to not only bully thousands of victims, but to substantially profit off of them as well. Immediately after the Ashley Madison data dump (which breached the privacy of reportedly 32 million subscribers) made international news , it appears that the operators of the website Pornwikileaks (namelyRead More