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It’s been a long and hard road that Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster has traveled since the hate crime of Pornwikileaks was launched (along with it’s associated websites and the arrival of it’s website operators into the pornographic realm). Alexandra and her family members have been extensively and mercilessly targeted for quite some time…and though there are SEVERAL parties within adult entertainment who could have stepped in (or taken action) to shed truth upon or remedy the situation – no one did… Instead those who COULD have intervened utilized theRead More
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One of the most aggressive promoters of the illegal extortion racket and hate crime known as Pornwikileaks is a prostitute and webcam model known as Heather Deep (aka Heather Puy).  As of current, due to her location (which is likely in either a 3rd world South American or Asian country), American law enforcement has been able to do very little in regards to forcing her to take legal accountability for her criminal actions… however that may change very soon. It’s important to note that Heather is likely being utilized asRead More
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Alexandra Mayers commentary: I’d like to send a thank you and a shout out to my twitter acquaintance who sent me the links to the videos below featuring pornstars Peter North & Tabitha Stevens in regards to their personal relationships with organized crime affiliate turned FBI informant Kenny “Kenji” Gallo. I suggest you all pay close attention to the 1st 2 videos posted below in regards to how the pornographic industry is utilized for MONEY LAUNDERING. The reality is that 90% (and I’m being conservative with that number) of theRead More
Alexandra Mayers commentary:  Pornographer Ashley Jason Gasper aka Jules Jordan (one of Jenna Haze’s many ex boyfriends – who’s not much different from Matthew Paul Holder) isn’t as much of a big shot as you think…in fact he’s just a front man for about 3 people who fund his pornographic studio and attached ventures.  However, when it comes to whether or not he’s a piece of shit – I can personally attest that he indeed is one of the most disgusting human beings that you could ever have the misfortuneRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Keep in mind, this was the same year Playboy bunny (and rumored girlfriend of Bill Cosby) Paige Young killed herself in a room that had photos of Hugh Hefner plastered all over the walls with the words “Hugh Hefner is the Devil” written on them… spotted on National Enquirer  Bill Cosby’s “sexual molestation” scandal has extended to his longtime pal Hugh Hefner – and now police want to quiz the Playboy founder, The National ENQUIRER has learned. At least 24 women have accused CosbyRead More
*Update: As of 11/15/2013 (click here for extended info) the LAPD has stated they don’t have any information that would suggest Joseph’s murder would have anything to do with the occupation of his son, or anything that had to do with the role his son played in politics. Mike Gatto has suggested the murder may be tied to the jewelry his father created. Monica Foster commentary: First and foremost I send my sincerest condolences to the Gatto family in regards to this horrific situation . I (and I’m sure manyRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Upon initially reading this article I couldn’t stop laughing.  If you listen to Friday’s webcast of www.TheRobBlackShow.com he really breaks Mark Spiegler’s claims down… I have to wonder why Spiegler opted to even say anything being that his statements raise more questions in the public sphere than most would have thought to ask. Regardless of Mark Spiegler’s claims, LEGAL LOOPHOLES have been utilized by “professionals” in the porn industry in regards to Richard Nanula being able to gain access to Los Angeles porn industry talent.  “Private” shootsRead More
Monica Foster commentary: First (though I have thanked him via email) I would like to publicly thank Gene Ross for linking to my most recent research on Porngate / Gattogate from what I deem as the premier source of porn industry news, gossip & information – www.AdultFYI.com From what I’ve heard AdultFYI.com will be undergoing a major overhaul over the next few weeks – so I encourage all of my readers who are interested in continuing to learn about the adult entertainment industry climate to bookmark that site – beingRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Attention FBI – there is another softcore pornographer and documentarian by the name of Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Bass  (a Free Speech Coalition associate) who’s personal and professional profile parallels that of Nakoula’s Basseley Nakoula aka Sam Bacile (the man behind ‘Innocence of Muslims who hired softcore porn director (who’s directed a variety of softcore porn movies) Alan Roberts to direct the Anti-Islamic movie.. Bass appears to be a fanatical anti-Christian crusader considering his recent invasive and defamatory documentary on Christian anti-porn activist Shelley Lubben. In addition, Ari Bass seemsRead More
  Monica Foster commentary: This is just the beginning porn valley CRIMINALS…you’re losing EVERYTHING you were under the impression you’ve attained over the past 30 or so years.  Porn Valley took it TOO FAR and should have come clean ab0ut all the stalking, blackmail, extortion and harassment they’ve been doing (that many thought was just OH SO FUNNY) when they had the chance. I asked nicely for legitimate and legal closure on Pornwikileaks, but those who could have provided such closure failed to do the right thing. They wanted toRead More