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Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Remember boys and girls – nowadays the likelihood of your real name being linked to your stage name is extremely high. Whether it’s facial recognition software that outs you or a google text search – once you expose your body in porn, you also expose your identity to the world. spotted via NewsWeek A new facial recognition tool is being used to reveal the true identities of porn actresses and sex workers for the purpose of “outing” them to their families and social media contacts.Read More
Monica Foster commentary: You would think that industry veteran and studio owner Jules Jordan would understand that the new Los Angeles porn industry condom mandates and laws are now in FULL EFFECT. He’s had PLENTY of time to familiarize himself with the new rules and regulations. For Jules Jordan to not properly utilize barrier protection (a condom) and get SPERM into the eye of pornstar Skin Diamond is beyond irresponsible in my view and causes me to question whether or not Jules Jordan should even be a studio owner atRead More