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Sarah McDaniel - photo credit: Playboy
***UPDATE: It appears Hugh Hefner of Playboy has already laid the groundwork to gain direct access to HIGHSCHOOL STUDENTS (click here to learn more).  Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Well, America’s favorite DIRTY OLD MAN NEXT DOOR has really done it now – so let THIS be his LEGACY… Sure, on the surface Hugh Hefner of Playboy seems to be cleaning up his act before he croaks by throwing out the bodily fluid drenched “nudity towel” via the announcement that he’s transforming Playboy magazine from an adult nude smutRead More
Alexandra Mayers commentary:  “1, 2, 3 strikes! You’re out” is the message that someone might want to leave on the political face of the porn industry’s predominantly Ashkenazi Jewish Free Speech Coalition board’s voicemail… For the 3rd time this month, an Ashkenazi Jewish piece of shit (this time Steve Hirsch of Vivid Entertainment) has exploited a Black person to fraudulently promote the pornographic to mainstream media (click here to learn what James Deen and Mark Kernes did earlier this month).   To make it even worse, Steve adds insult toRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Well, I suppose that if Bill Cosby were to commit suicide Thomas Ward (of Not The Cosbys XXX) would play him in a tasteless TV documentary. spotted on TheDailyBeast A British TV channel is producing a docuseries that will recreate Robin Williams’s suicide using an impersonator who has also starred in porn films. For fuck’s sake. Pardon the language, but the pathetic lunacy of this is just too much. According to British newspapers, Channel 5 will reconstruct Williams’s final days, including a depiction ofRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Finally the truth is being addressed… Rihanna is beautiful and talented enough to not be presented half naked to her underage fan base. article spotted on Independent.co.uk It’s odd that someone who wears so little could get honoured with a fashion award, but that’s exactly what happened to the pop star Rihanna this week. The Council of Fashion Designers of America awarded the singer for her risk-taking and she collected said accolade in an ensemble composed mainly of fishnet and nipples. Leaving absolutely nothingRead More
Monica Foster commentary:  So in the wake of Courtney Stodden’s split from Doug Hutchison, she has proclaimed that she will not  be doing porn and has gone as far as to turn down a 5 million dollar porn deal. Being that’s the case, she should probably destroy (or delete the file) of her “solo sextape”… she might not be planning on “leaking” it, but others around her might have a different agenda. Bethenny did a really great job on with this interview.Read More
***UPDATE: It appears that Tito Ortiz conspired with Keith Harriman to release and promote the footage below utilizing Keith’s girlfriend Ashlee Davis (the initial promoter of the video footage). Keith pled guilty in 2012 and currently is on probation for arranging a hit on (the murder of) his OWN SON. Tito Ortiz in my view is OUT OF HIS MIND to have his children around a man who was willing to kill his own son. Monica Foster commentary: I’m not an attorney, but I’m pretty certain that it’s not legalRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Thanks for passing the link along NYCFunk, this is VERY interesting (and frightening). It’s time to STOP with this barely legal shit Los Angeles porn industry. If you’re gonna make porn, showcase WOMEN – NOT GIRLS! Grow the fuck up. article spotted on NBCnews  By Henry Austin, NBC News contributor Thousands of would-be predators asked a girl to perform sex acts online unaware that she was actually a computer-generated digital decoy named “Sweetie” created by a charity. In little more than two months, more than 1,000 peopleRead More
Monica Foster commentary:  Until more women become lawmakers, the men who make these laws (and who probably engage in activity such as “revenge porn”) aren’t going to do much to help women who are being exploited. As women, we need to be proactive and FIGHT BACK. Sometimes we indeed are victimized (I’ve been there), but in time you have to get up, dust yourself off and figure out how you can get even. article spotted on Time Publishing intimate images without the subject’s consent is now a misdemeanor in California,Read More
Monica Foster commentary: I would like to see the New York Post do a current article on the women behind the scenes of Los Angeles pornography who are attached to the multitude of illegal escort and prostitution rings which are the foundation of the Los Angeles porn circuit. spotted on NYpost.com   Penthouse founder Bob Guccione famously exploited the fairer sex. So why is this woman determined to salvage his reputation? By CHRIS ERIKSON Last Updated: 1:57 PM, April 11, 2013 Posted: 10:23 PM, April 10, 2013 Sitting in front of a computer monitorRead More
***Update 4.3.2013 : As of today Philip has continued with with his tirade of hateful insulting emails. I’ve suggested that he save his money to purchase publicity to his liking through the porn industry news outlets that he’s accustomed to. Hopefully this write up helped him to sell a few copies of his racist movies to his KKK fanbase of which he caters to. Monica Foster commentary: Philip Rivera aka T.T. Boy ( TTboy ) is upset today over an issue which stems from over a year ago (November 2011Read More