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Hot Girls Wanted - turned on - commentary - Alexandra Mayers LIVE
On this webcast of Alexandra Mayers LIVE, Alexandra Mayers provides commentary and analysis for Rashida Jones (producer of the Sundance Film Festival movie Hot Girls Wanted) and Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On (Netflix series) producers Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus. It’s likely that the Los Angeles porn industry is looking to build a legal case against Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On – so hopefully the producers will find this insight useful should they need to defend themselves. (excuse the audio please due to recording technical difficulties) Alexandra explains that theRead More
Monica Foster commentary: This tells you a lot about where the average male mind is.Read More
Monica Foster commentary: Attention FBI – there is another softcore pornographer and documentarian by the name of Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Bass  (a Free Speech Coalition associate) who’s personal and professional profile parallels that of Nakoula’s Basseley Nakoula aka Sam Bacile (the man behind ‘Innocence of Muslims who hired softcore porn director (who’s directed a variety of softcore porn movies) Alan Roberts to direct the Anti-Islamic movie.. Bass appears to be a fanatical anti-Christian crusader considering his recent invasive and defamatory documentary on Christian anti-porn activist Shelley Lubben. In addition, Ari Bass seemsRead More
This is more than a documentary – this is an attempt at normalizing young teens and pre-teens viewing adult content and it’s WRONG! WRONG WRONG WRONG! I expect civilization to be wiped out ANY DAY NOW!. THANKS A LOT filmmakers who don’t know when to draw the line. THANKS A LOT!Read More
courtesy A Swedish smut king has been overthrown — and now it’s time to shoot the movie. Berth Milton Jr. — who in the 1990s built a pornography empire in Europe called Private Media Group that became a publicly traded corporation on the Nasdaq — has been ousted from the helm of the company, The Post has learned. As reported by The Post, the platinum-haired porn peddler last year had been dueling with investors who accused him of embezzling funds and trying to rig a board election. But after beingRead More