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Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: It’s no coincidence that there’s been a rise in cases of Syphilis in Las Vegas as the porn industry has migrated in mass numbers to the area… via FoxNews.com  LAS VEGAS (AP) — Health officials have declared a syphilis outbreak in the Las Vegas area. The Southern Nevada Health District said Wednesday that Clark County has had a 128 percent increase in reported syphilis cases since 2012. Officials said 615 of the 694 cases involved men being diagnosed in 2015. This marks Nevada asRead More
Over the next few weeks, JewishDirt.com will take a close aesthetic look at several Ashkenazi Jewish public figures who claim to be “porn industry professionals”, but who in actuality are no more than individuals attached to sextrafficking operations controlled by organized crime. The “porn industry professionals” physically evaluated on this special series have been rumored to habitually attempt to impregnate naive non-Jewish women lured into their sextrafficking networks.  As a public health warning, JewishDirt.com feels an obligation to warn the women targeted by these individuals of the Jewish Genetic DiseasesRead More
Monica Foster commentary:  What else will it take for the Free Speech Coalition to accept the fact that California Assemblyman Isadore Hall III and the Aids Healthcare Foundation are trying to HELP, not HURT the pornographic industry? As Assemblyman Hall has said, for too long, the adult film industry has thrived on a business model that exploits its workers and puts profits over workplace safety. I have a feeling many meningitis cases (and deaths) will occur due to the rampant illegal prostitution acts of which countless pornstars regularly engage in. Pornstars,Read More
Monica Foster commentary: Something tells me that there’s going to be a rise in Hep C cases in porn valley, considering how FSC supporters are attempting to push the HIV preventative medications over condom usage… courtesy ChicagoTribune.com U.S. drug regulators are changing the label for Merck & Co Inc‘s recently approved Victrelis treatment for hepatitis C to show it should not be taken with some widely used HIV medicines. “Co-administration (of the two drugs) … is not recommended at this time because of the possibility of reducing the effectiveness of the medicines, permitting the amountRead More