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Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster interviews David Gunn of King 810
Alexandra Mayers (formerly known as pornstar Monica Foster) presents an exclusive interview with David Gunn of the metal band King 810 ( ). Alexandra Mayers and David Gunn discuss King 810’s groundbreaking song & music video La Petite Mort (Conversations With God), what inspired the song and the creative process that led to incorporating hard core pornography in the music video (which can be viewed exclusively on In addition Alexandra Mayers and David Gunn discuss issues pertaining to child abuse in the Catholic church, how the issue isRead More
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If you were to take a look at Sean Matthew Tompkins of The Real Pornwikileaks twitter account (@TRPWL) tonight, upon first glance you’d think to yourself, “Wow, Sean seems like a really professional blogger who has the pornstars’ best interest in mind”.  Maybe in some alternate universe, he does… but unfortunately in the universe most of us live in, nothing could be further from the truth. Sean has worked very hard over the past few years to bury the evidence and truth of his online bullying, stalking, support of raciallyRead More
Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: A couple days ago, I noticed a porn director (known as @JustDaveXXX on twitter) ranting about an issue he’d had on set in regards to a female pornstar…a pornstar who apparently was Black. He stated: I book this black girl to do a GG scene with another black. Simple right? Of course not!! Girl: “Do I have to kiss her or touch her pussy?“ But they take it in the ass, do ATMs and take facials. Lol Need a black girl who likes blackRead More
***Take a look at the actual RESTRAINING ORDER which was provided to Mike South of at the bottom of this post.  ***As of 6:36pm PST on 08/28/2014 Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre violated the social media terms of the RESTRAINING ORDER. Evidence at the bottom of this post. Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: I TOLD YOU ALL for the longest time that Whiteacre has a serious problem, yet few of you listened.  According to Mike South of, that poor guy Patrick Stone (who’s already been to hellRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Back in the year 2000, when Free Speech Coalition executive director Diane Duke ran a Planned Parenthood center in Eugene, Oregon – she decided to dress her son Jason Thelen in a giant sperm costume and call him “Joe Sperm” (accompanied by a giant egg, condoms, pills, diaphragms and little sperm “swimming” behind a parade float) in effort to promote safe sex and condom usage. Duke and her associates received much criticism from various individuals and organizations in regards to this “awareness” campaign – namelyRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I’ve only heard of Tristan here and there over the years, but I’m very impressed with her views as of today (and most importantly her compassion). Make sure you check out her website article spotted on (make sure you read Gene Ross’s follow up to this post by clicking here) from – — Over the summer, veteran porn producer Tristan Taormino was looking for performers for her new movie. A casting agent recommended a woman named Cameron Bay, and Taormino put her on her short list.Read More
Monica Foster commentary: I think Pandey needs to realize that the media has much to do with the perceived “welcoming” of Sunny Leone – things might not actually be as they seem. article spotted on IndianExpress Controversy queen Poonam Pandey is in shock as a political party has been pulling down the posters of her Bollywood debut film Nasha. “This has hurt me. I don’t normally allow myself to get affected. But I never expected I’d be targeted this way for my first film. It has made me nervous. I knew IRead More
Monica Foster commentary: If you want to learn about what’s REALLY going on in the Los Angeles pornography industry your first stop should be which is run by Gene Ross who has over 25 years worth of adult entertainment reporting experience. Then your next stop should be – hosted by the self proclaimed “President of Porn” Rob Black (who was spent jail time for obscenity).  I’ve grown to become a fan of the Rob Black show – I especially enjoy his new live video feed feature (which asRead More
A PornNewsToday exlcusive: A well known and respected California porn industry insider (who shall remain anonymous) sent an email tonight requesting that at least post a notice to warn active talent that Nica Noelle of Girl Candy Films is rumored to have recently tested positive for Syphilis.  It’s unclear as to whether or not Nica Noelle is currently an active talent, but upon viewing her twitter, she regularly posts nude photos of herself so it’s likely that she is. Nica Noelle appeared to have attempted to protect Mr. MarcusRead More
Monica Foster commentary: It’ll be interesting to watch how this situation turns out… Porn studios need to start using ORIGINAL ideas (oops, I forgot – they don’t have any…LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL) spotted on LOS ANGELES from The owner of the “Fifty Shades” copyrights sued three California pornography companies, claiming they are making unauthorized films and sex toys based on the blockbuster trilogy. Fifty Shades Ltd. and Universal City Studios, which owns movie rights to the books, sued Smash Pictures, two other alleged porno filmmakers, and three men who own or work forRead More