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Noah Filipiak
Lifesitenews.com LANSING, Michigan, March 8, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – A church pastor who overcame an addiction to pornography says that porn is a national public health crisis. Noah Filipiak is a Teaching Pastor at Crossroads Church in Lansing, Michigan.  He admitted on the church’s website: “Starting around the mid-to-late 90’s when home internet began to become commonplace, pornography has been raising generations of children. It did me.” The pastor continued: “I was a good church kid who genuinely loved Jesus, but my family happened to get home internet when I wasRead More
Monica Foster commentary:  This is unbelievable. As I stated on twitter last night, the gate is shut.  If you’re a pornstar who wasn’t smart enough to climb out of hell and cross the bridge while you had the chance, now you’re trapped in STD HELL. BREAKING NEWS found on AdultFYI.com (initial article – click here) * The industry is abuzz with the fact that Jim Lane will be directing a combination MOPE [amateur male talent] and A list spiker [men who inject their penis with drugs to maintain an erection]Read More
A Monica Foster investigation: So it appears just a couple weeks ago pornstar Lucky Starr was busted for illegal prostitution in Cleveland, OH while on a tour put together either by her illegal prostitution / escort agency IndyDreamGirls (or possibly Real Entertainment Escorts – it’s unclear at this stage – both agency’s websites appear to no longer have active websites – Real Entertainment’s website now forwards to www.photography100.com and adult webdesign and photography company from Canada of course…). For the details please click here… or view the screen shot’s from Lucky Starr’s blogRead More
courtesy LiveScience.com Watching pornography would seem to be a vision-intensive task. But new research finds that looking at erotic movies can actually quiet the part of the brain that processes visual stimuli. Most of the time, watching movies or conducting any other visual task sends extra blood flow to this brain region. Not so when the movies are explicit, the researchers found. Instead, the brain seems to shunt blood — and therefore energy — elsewhere, perhaps to regions of the brain responsible for sexual arousal. Turns out, the brain mayRead More
kaylee hays
Pretty girl, but she decided porn wasn’t right for her, so I’m not showing her face. A Monica Foster investigation: Let this posting be a cautionary tale as to why at this point in time, NO ONE (especially young women) should enter the Los Angeles porn industry. Earlier this month, many stories and rumors circulated on various adult industry blogs and forums (such as adultdvdtalk.com) in regards to a performer using the stage name Kaylee Hays. Apparently she shot a couple of scenes but then decided that working in pornRead More