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***Update: It appears that this week the total death count is actually 5.  Porn industry sales veteran Rick Wells died as did a gay pornstar by the name of Rick B. Perhaps there will be some more recognizable names next week… Alexandra Mayers commentary:  It seems the average expiration date of behind the scenes key porn industry figures is around 65. There’s a few who are long overdue to cross over or disappear in my opinion – for example: Karch, Hartley, Jeremy, Holland, Randall… rumor has it a few onRead More
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Posted On September 11, 2012By pntadminIn Humor and Parody, illuminati

Crossing over…to mainstream…or more?

Monica Foster commentary: Yep – pornstar James Deen most definitely is on his way to being the ULTIMATE “Cross Over” – but to what exactly? Article courtesy CSmonitor   Think David Foster Wallace is untouchable? Think again. “American Psycho” author Bret Easton Ellis tore into the late author of the critically acclaimed “Infinite Jest” and “The Pale King” on Twitter last week, and in true Ellis fashion, he didn’t hold back. “Reading D.T. Max’s bio I continue to find David Foster Wallace the most tedious, overrated, tortured, pretentious writer of my generation,” Ellis tweeted. “David Foster Wallace was so needy,Read More