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For several years pornstar, male prostitute and criminal Donald Carlos Seoane aka Donny Long has terrorized adult entertainment industry professionals and private citizens via the website he self admittedly owns and several other online venues linked to Pornwikileaks such as and – websites which all contain racist anti-Black and homophobic hate speech, target non-adult entertainment industry professionals such as retired elementary school teachers while promoting self labeled Freedom of Speech and Pornographic industry attorneys. Donald Carlos Seoane’s latest venture appears to be a hate crime website calledRead More
Sean Matthew Tompkins, Vantrese Tompkins, Molina Healthcare, pornography, The Real Pornwikileaks, TRPWL
If you were to take a look at Sean Matthew Tompkins of The Real Pornwikileaks twitter account (@TRPWL) tonight, upon first glance you’d think to yourself, “Wow, Sean seems like a really professional blogger who has the pornstars’ best interest in mind”.  Maybe in some alternate universe, he does… but unfortunately in the universe most of us live in, nothing could be further from the truth. Sean has worked very hard over the past few years to bury the evidence and truth of his online bullying, stalking, support of raciallyRead More
Jennifer O'Kane
***As of 12.01.2016 Jennifer O’Kane publicly posted her RAPE CASE number in regards to her allegations against Dennis Hof: 16NY3815 Pahrump NV  ***  As of the week of October 21, 2016 the United State’s law enforcement system & government are now officially aware (via Jennifer O’Kane’s official statement to the Pahrump, Nevada District Attorney) that legal brothel owner Dennis Hof is facing serious allegations of rape. In an exclusive interview with Jennifer O’Kane (Calico Club legal brothel owner, business woman & women’s rights activist), investigative blogger Alexandra Mayers hasRead More
heather deep apparent underage thailand sextrafficking victim of Donald Carlos Seoane
Donny Long aka Donald Carlos Seoane has resurfaced as of October 2015. He is facing multiple lawsuits in the United States of America due to his involvement in the criminal pornwikileaks project. It appears that Donald is currently involved in the sextrafficking of young girls from Thailand who appear to be minors. It is believed that the girl in this video (who Donald seems to routinely physically assault) is under the age of 18. Donald Carlos Seoane has a history in the United States of of domestic violence against women.Read More
Bill Cosby allegedly told this woman that after he made a "horrible mess" all over her she was "blessed". The question is, did he mean by God, Satan or himself?
Alexandra Mayers commentary: I wonder if pornographer Jeff Mullen aka Will Ryder is going to make another XXX Bill Cosby parody about how the woman in the video below was allegedly assaulted by Bill Cosby?  Maybe Mullen could dress Thomas Ward in a “Black Jesus” getup and have him run around Hollywood ejaculating on pornstar’s faces while screaming “Bless you, Bless you”. Oh but wait a minute – Ward is a “non-sex” actor (at least for now he is). Found on Youtube and initially aired on the Dr. Phil show Read More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster: I’m sure if more pornstars were to speak upm rather than living in fear of upsetting the status quo, we’d see many more such lawsuits resulting in victims receiving what they are due. spotted on  By City News Service POSTED: 06/23/14, 11:24 AM PDT | 0 COMMENTS LOS ANGELES — A judge awarded nearly $130,000 to an adult film actress who alleged a fellow actor exposed her to syphilis. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David Minning heard testimony Friday from Heather DeAngelo, known in the industryRead More
Monica Foster commentary: One of the major debates over the next decade will circle around the validity of “porn addiction”.  I’m planning on going back to school for a technology related occupation, but a part of me wonders if I’d be of more use as a counselor for “porn addicts”. We’ll see. article spotted on USAtoday Ariel Castro told a Cleveland judge Friday that he has a “sexual problem” and is “addicted to pornography” after accepting a plea deal on kidnapping, rape and murder charges that will keep him imprisonedRead More
Monica Foster commentary: In my opinion criminalizing production and possession of “rape porn” needs to happen within the United States as well. As many of my readers are aware, I opted to make a youtube video earlier this week in regards to being raped December 31, 2008 by a man who goes by the name of Chase Styles (an associate of Will Ryder aka Jeff Mullen of X-play / All Media Play / Sitcumz). Since I have gone public in regards to my experience, another associate of Will Ryder byRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I REALLY love this new song by Beyoncé “Best Thing I Never Had” – from my perspective the lyrics illustrate my short lived romance with the Los Angeles porn industry… finding my place within that “industry” was truly the BEST THING I NEVER HAD! Starting 2002 I launched my career as a successful webcam model (which was far prior to my entering the Los Angeles porn scene in 2008), and in hindsight – I should have just continued on the solid path I’d already embarked on. Nowadays I’mRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Looks like was a worthwhile effort afterall. If you are an escort / prostitute in California, it is suggested you stop now – remember the Bunny Ranch and other American brothels of the like in Nevada ARE a legal option. To all the criminals within the Los Angeles porn industry (pimps – you know who you are) – how are you enjoying the power of Jesus Christ and God? Remember – the current Los Angeles porn industry’s FOUNDATION is illegal prostitution and escorting. This MUST CHANGE!Read More