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eddie Przydzial
via YouTube Video Comment Edward Przydzial [porn industry attorney] needs to be asked only one question in my book and that is why exists… and he can’t say it’s freedom of speech or it’s against suppression of the press… when you go look at that site you’ll see the horrid abuse of the internet along with the most hate filled, vile and nasty racist & bigotry ever put in the public domain. rumor has it [porn industry attorney] is supporting and even helping this website… it’s authors donald carlosRead More
Does Dennis Hof's proposed NFL Raiders themed Las Vegas area brothel violate copyright & trademark law? Ask Mark Davis.
  In the webcast above, Alexandra Mayers poses the question as to whether or not Dennis Hof’s planned NFL Raiders themed legal brothel infringes, violates or breaks copyright / trademark law considering that NFL Raiders athletic apparel and memorabilia vendors are only legally allowed to sell merchandise certified by the NFL franchise. Alexandra includes a clip in her webcast from a recent Las Vegas news broadcast in which a prominent attorney (who is routinely featured on CNN as a commentator) clearly states, “if you sell merchandise with Raiders on itRead More
Paul Nicoletti - porn attorney
via Porn studio Malibu Media files a lot of copyright lawsuits—more than any other entity in the US. In all, the company has filed more than 4,300 lawsuits since 2009, according to a report by Lex Machina. Malibu relies on a network of attorneys in several states to sue thousands of Internet users for downloading Malibu’s pornographic movies. Now, one of the main figures behind the litigation, attorney Paul Nicoletti, is in trouble with the law. This summer, Nicoletti was indicted on four charges of bank fraud, stemming from real estate deals he did back in 2005.Read More
As of January of 2014 it has come to light that Jeff Mullen aka Will Ryder shielded the real name and identity of a man known as Chase Styles – a rapist who has been known to sexually assault porn talent. Click here for details.  Monica Foster commentary: The mainstream American public has had an extremely negative reaction to the overly sexually charged performance between Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke on last night’s VMA awards. Ex-Disney star Miley Cyrus has been flirting with hyper-sexual themes (namely the Los Angeles porn industry)Read More
Monica Foster commentary: The United States court and legal system is not going to help you rip off the American public porn valley. Either make a product that sells or find a new occupation. article courtesy  Porn trolling has never been a glamorous business. But as judges, bar associations, and others have gotten wind of just how sleazy the porn-trolling business model is, trolling law firms have faced more and more obstacles. One trolling firm hit a new low on Tuesday, when an exasperated federal judge in Tampa, FL, threwRead More
Monica Foster commentary: It’ll be interesting to watch how this situation turns out… Porn studios need to start using ORIGINAL ideas (oops, I forgot – they don’t have any…LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL) spotted on LOS ANGELES from The owner of the “Fifty Shades” copyrights sued three California pornography companies, claiming they are making unauthorized films and sex toys based on the blockbuster trilogy. Fifty Shades Ltd. and Universal City Studios, which owns movie rights to the books, sued Smash Pictures, two other alleged porno filmmakers, and three men who own or work forRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Again, I JUST CAN’T STOP LAUGHING!!! Did you REALLY THINK that the United States government was going to allow a bunch of porn industry “attorneys” (who are nothing but gutter trash with MAFIA roots for the most part) legally extort the hard working American public of which unfortunately has become overly addicted to their psychological drug (porn)?  Did Porn Valley studios REALLY THINK that the US government, the FBI, judges, etc wouldn’t realize that the companies which run the porn studios also run the bit torrent sites?Read More
It’s time for you my readers to learn about IviewIt and Eliot Bernstein. Many in the world will not want you to know about him, which is why (of course) I do. Please visit and read through You can continue watching the next segment of this interview on Everything I’ve done independently as Monica Foster since around 2002 has been heavily dependent on computer graphics, the internet, streaming video and webcamming. Thank You Eliot Bernstein for creating the tools which have enriched my life and made my workRead More