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via  A woman being prostituted in a legal German brothel was paid to be gangbanged by six men all of whom had asked for a heavily pregnant woman. She said after enduring this hideous experience – which was perfectly legal – that she felt she had pimped out her unborn child. Whenever news of the Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada pops up on my social media I can rarely resist a read. I spent time in 2012 in this brothel, accompanied by America’s biggest pimp, Dennis Hof. I met womenRead More
Sarah McDaniel - photo credit: Playboy
***UPDATE: It appears Hugh Hefner of Playboy has already laid the groundwork to gain direct access to HIGHSCHOOL STUDENTS (click here to learn more).  Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Well, America’s favorite DIRTY OLD MAN NEXT DOOR has really done it now – so let THIS be his LEGACY… Sure, on the surface Hugh Hefner of Playboy seems to be cleaning up his act before he croaks by throwing out the bodily fluid drenched “nudity towel” via the announcement that he’s transforming Playboy magazine from an adult nude smutRead More
Jay Grdina and family - via &
Alexandra Mayers commentary:  I guess Jay Grdnia really thought that his “white privilege” would somehow give him a free pass to have a “normal family life” after exploiting and selling not only his own soul and image, but that of a multitude of others as well… I’m actually surprised that his ex Jenna Jameson didn’t clue Grdina in to the fact that the only way a porn professional’s children can experience a SHRED of normalcy in American society after a career in the pornographic industry is within the “Jewish” communityRead More
spotted on Gaza Tech Workers Target Israeli Instutions A group of hackers from Gaza used pornographic videos in a wide-scale cyberattack on several Israeli institutions and individuals. A report titled Operation Arid Viper: Bypassing the Iron Dome released Monday by the cyber security company Trend Micro detailed the hacking campaign carried out by the tech workers from Gaza. The report called the strategy of using pornographic videos “distinct” and “previously unseen.” The hackers sent individuals a “phishing” email with a “pornographic movie” meant to embarrass targets into ignoring theRead More
Read what Diana fka Desi Foxx has to say about this too by clicking here. Briefly she was employed by Dennis Hof and she’s far more livid than even I am.  Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: I don’t like having to write a commentary about this, because I don’t like even touching the issue of the Nevada legal brothels.  I wanted for a VERY long time to view them as a legitimate, legal, safe and ethical enterprise…however as of late more and more of the truth of what’s goingRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Back in the year 2000, when Free Speech Coalition executive director Diane Duke ran a Planned Parenthood center in Eugene, Oregon – she decided to dress her son Jason Thelen in a giant sperm costume and call him “Joe Sperm” (accompanied by a giant egg, condoms, pills, diaphragms and little sperm “swimming” behind a parade float) in effort to promote safe sex and condom usage. Duke and her associates received much criticism from various individuals and organizations in regards to this “awareness” campaign – namelyRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Well I hope she at least does all her future adult work independently rather than working with one of the studios who were on her initial road to destruction. I wish her the best… Jenna’s story is a cautionary tale…the fantasy she helped create was the reason I gave porn a try…and watching the reality of her life is why I know the Los Angeles porn industry was never really right for me. If I’d met Jenna while I lived in Los Angeles, I’d have told herRead More
***Update: Danny Wylde claims his gay porn scenes are from 7 years ago. One must wonder why he’s upset about anyone mentioning his gay porn past (nothing is wrong with being gay or bi sexual), but is NOT upset with the Free Speech Coalition discouraging mandatory safe sex practices in the pornographic industry… Danny currently appears to be recruiting minors into adult entertainment via the promotion of a black metal band by the name of “Children” he is in, which utilizes Satanic themes in their music video. I think it’sRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Ideally it should be a “universal internet law” for all hardcore porn to placed under an age restricted umbrella of which a web user would be required to provide a government issued ID number or code to access. I was under the impression that such a system was under development when the .xxx URL extension was introduced by ICANN. When you have pornstars such as James Deen (who is in a multitude of content depicting hate crimes and extreme abuse) being marketed to mainstream teen audiences alongsideRead More
Monica Foster commentary: If Jesus had a wife, then he most likely had sex – which would have resulted in children…now, would you care for a dose of ? *Update: According to CNN the Vatican has deemed this finding a fake (I guess they don’t want to rework the system at this stage). article courtesy the NYtimes A Faded Piece of Papyrus Refers to Jesus’ Wife  By LAURIE GOODSTEIN Published: September 18, 2012 971 Comments FACEBOOK TWITTER GOOGLE+ E-MAIL SHARE PRINT REPRINTS CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — A historian of early Christianity at HarvardRead More