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Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Ironically the person who recently brought this information about Marsha May to light happens to be a male pornstar by the name of Bruno Dickemz who has a reputation for being rough (and sometimes violent) with female pornstars. excerpt from article below via The Miami teenager who bills herself as a “porn diva” and posts explicit photos to her social media accounts bonded out of jail Friday on underage sex charges and immediately returned to Twitter to declare, “i hope this doesn’t interfereRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: The same week that the Bill Cosby sex scandal allegations in conjunction with a 15 year minor (in 1974) came to mainstream media attention, Donny Pauling (a speaker for the xxxChurch) was arrested on charges for sex with an underage (14 year old) victim. When Donny Pauling was active in the pornographic industry he was affiliated with Playboy Enterprises (not too unlike Bill Cosby has been over the years).  The question is, WHO in the pornographic industry (specifically attached to Playboy) was aware ofRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Since discovering the political face of the American pornographic industry’s (the Free Speech Coalition’s) open association and affiliation with an internationally known convicted pedophile I’ve known that retaining the 2257 record keeping laws intact are vital to protecting children.  The fact that I’m being sued by the wife of a top pornographic industry attorney who openly defends pedophiles illustrates the lengths wrong doers will go to in effort to conceal the truth of their actions… I find it interesting that the mainstream media andRead More
Monica Foster commentary: It’s about time… article spotted on CNN LONDON (CNNMoney) Google and Microsoft are teaming up to try to rid the internet of child pornography. More than 200 employees at Google (GOOG, Fortune 500) have spent the past three months working on preventing child sexual abuse content from appearing in the firm’s search results. “While society will never wholly eliminate such depravity, we should do everything in our power to protect children from harm,” Google’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, wrote in an article published by The Daily Mail. Schmidt detailed how the twoRead More
Monica Foster commentary:  So in the wake of Courtney Stodden’s split from Doug Hutchison, she has proclaimed that she will not  be doing porn and has gone as far as to turn down a 5 million dollar porn deal. Being that’s the case, she should probably destroy (or delete the file) of her “solo sextape”… she might not be planning on “leaking” it, but others around her might have a different agenda. Bethenny did a really great job on with this interview.Read More
Monica Foster commentary: I’m not sure what’s going on in Canada, but far too much evil related to pornography is flowing out of that country. Take a look at the screen cap to the right – it appears the child production and distribution company discussed in this article utilized twitter to draw traffic by tweeting about JUSTIN BIEBER (who ironically is Canadian). I have felt for a long time now, that stars who initially gain fame as children and teens such as Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus & Lindsay Lohan haveRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Situations such as the report below are exactly why I’ve been so vocal in regards to not depicting men & women as minors (under the age of 18) in adult content.  I don’t ONLY blame studio owners and directors in regards to this issue – I also place blame on the porn talent that is (and has been) OK with being depicted as a minor.   Adult entertainment should be just that – ADULT entertainment.  To all the men of the Los Angeles porn industry who areRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Thanks for passing the link along NYCFunk, this is VERY interesting (and frightening). It’s time to STOP with this barely legal shit Los Angeles porn industry. If you’re gonna make porn, showcase WOMEN – NOT GIRLS! Grow the fuck up. article spotted on NBCnews  By Henry Austin, NBC News contributor Thousands of would-be predators asked a girl to perform sex acts online unaware that she was actually a computer-generated digital decoy named “Sweetie” created by a charity. In little more than two months, more than 1,000 peopleRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Last week’s Monica At Home webcast focused on the importance of parents shielding their children/teens from the potential negative influence of porn industry professionals and the CHILDREN and TEENS of porn industry professionals. Since posting that webcast, I have received several emails from individuals voicing their concern in regards to pornstars and other porn industry professionals regularly endangering their children by posting their kid’s photos and names on social networks such as twitter and facebook. Parents who are porn professionals of ANY SORT (pornstars, porn studio owners,Read More
Monica Foster commentary: Child porn arrests are on the rise as are violent killings? I feel it’s in part due to the Los Angeles porn industry warping the minds of men for YEARS with what I call “gateway child porn”. Women like Sunny Lane, Jenna Haze and Lupe Fuentes are popular is because they look like and have consistently been prompted to ACT LIKE LITTLE GIRLS IN ADULT FILMS. Lets face the facts – the LA porn industry CONSISTENTLY CONDITIONS THE MINDS OF MANY PORN VIEWERS to PRIMARILY be arousedRead More