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Pornography featuring pregnant women (produced with the specific intent of catering to men who have a “pregnancy fetish”) should be illegal. Pregnancy Porn is theoretically child abuse, pedophilia & sex trafficking of a minor. As of current male prostitute, webcam sex worker and ex pornstar Donald Seoane is marketing his 8 week pregnant wife online to both webcam viewers and men interested in meeting her for “dates” offline (in person). Please visit for further information on the young woman being victimized by Donald Seoane. Sign this petition to putRead More
Monica Foster commentary: It’s about time… article spotted on CNN LONDON (CNNMoney) Google and Microsoft are teaming up to try to rid the internet of child pornography. More than 200 employees at Google (GOOG, Fortune 500) have spent the past three months working on preventing child sexual abuse content from appearing in the firm’s search results. “While society will never wholly eliminate such depravity, we should do everything in our power to protect children from harm,” Google’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, wrote in an article published by The Daily Mail. Schmidt detailed how the twoRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Last week’s Monica At Home webcast focused on the importance of parents shielding their children/teens from the potential negative influence of porn industry professionals and the CHILDREN and TEENS of porn industry professionals. Since posting that webcast, I have received several emails from individuals voicing their concern in regards to pornstars and other porn industry professionals regularly endangering their children by posting their kid’s photos and names on social networks such as twitter and facebook. Parents who are porn professionals of ANY SORT (pornstars, porn studio owners,Read More
Monica Foster commentary: I am very glad to see that a couple of legislators are taking steps to correct this situation in regards to viewing child porn being legally acceptable. The issue of child porn is rooted in the issue of child ABUSE, and no soul on this planet deserves to be abused physically or emotionally. The state of New York needs to make sure it does NOT turn a blind eye to this issue. Please click here to read Desi Foxx’s take on this matter on article courtesy MSNBC.comRead More
courtesy Labour last night threw its weight behind the Daily Mail’s campaign for an automatic block on online porn. An ‘opt-in’ system, under which access is blocked unless adults specifically say they want to see sexual content, would be a ‘sensible’ way forward, the shadow ministers for media and justice declared. They say the measure is necessary to prevent children falling victim to a ‘modern-day form of pollution’. Porn fears: Just 30% of parents of porn-watching children knew they had accessed adult material The argument for an opt-in systemRead More