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Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Ironically the person who recently brought this information about Marsha May to light happens to be a male pornstar by the name of Bruno Dickemz who has a reputation for being rough (and sometimes violent) with female pornstars. excerpt from article below via The Miami teenager who bills herself as a “porn diva” and posts explicit photos to her social media accounts bonded out of jail Friday on underage sex charges and immediately returned to Twitter to declare, “i hope this doesn’t interfereRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Sometimes in life, though we don’t completely agree with other’s points of view, the truth must be told.  That is the case in regards to the recent unjust, insulting, degrading and completely distasteful hate campaign which has been launched under the guise of “parody” against Anita Sarkeesian of by Free Speech Coalition & organized crime supporters Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre and Jordan Owen. As of recent, a young woman by the name of Christina Parreira (aka Goddess Vienna aka Princess Kora akaRead More
Monica Foster commentary:I’ll simply state that Detective Contreras of the LAPD is a very good man who did a great job in regards to this particular case. Some things in life you forgive…even though you never forget (if you’re not familiar with my history with Lenny Dykstra click here – NBC sports covered it). I’ll always wonder how in the world it is that I manage to consistently find myself a key witness and connected to so many major events (I guess if I were a guy, I’d be KevinRead More