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(left to right) pornstar Reno, pornstar & agent Jack Spade & businessman Greg Dodson
Alexandra Mayers shares her final thoughts on her personal porn industry “X-File” The Luxury Companion and shares about her upcoming research on three adult industry public figures who are rumored to be “pimps”: a male pornstar known as Reno, a male pornstar and agent known as Jack Spade and a porn industry business man known as Greg Dodson (Dodson has been documented extensively on More
Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Often times pornstars refer to the porn industry as being a “family” – and the truth is, they don’t just mean metaphorically… Recently Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals was interviewed via mainstream media for a piece on the issue of the topic of incest within the pornographic industry… and just as she avoided the truth about the source of racism towards Blacks in the pornography system, she avoided the truth of the REALITY of incest between family members in the porn industry as well. Dr Chauntelle (who isRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Make sure that you visit – it’s the future of porn! article spotted on If you’ve been around the internet long enough, you know it’s very, very good at porn. That isn’t to say the internet isn’t good at other things — it’s pretty much the most convenient way to shop, kill time, watch movies and TV, and so on — but it’s so very good at serving porn. It’s as anonymous as anonymous can be, and the internet lets you can access porn right when theRead More
Find more of Katie Summers’ posts and connect with her on Hello loveys, To get our minds off the craziness, I have written this little post to get a little chub in your pants. Today, I’m going talk about my favorite thing – SEX! I love sex.  I love the build up, the intimacy, the heat of the moment, the feel, the connection, and the best part, I love cumming! Doesn’t matter how you enjoy your sex as long as you do enjoy it and its fun and you andRead More
Monica Foster commentary:   Thank you Katie for contributing your thoughts and insight to PornNewsToday.  The Los Angeles porn industry is a very secretive world, and for you to share what you have, illustrates a tremendous amount of inner strength and courage. For further information on Katie Summers – please visit and follow her on twitter @KatieSummersXXX I’m Katie Summers Hello everyone! As most of you know, I’m Katie Summers.  For those that are new to me, I’m an adult film actress and cam model.  This is my first blogRead More
Monica Foster commentary:  Attention Pornstars – DUMP YOUR AGENT NOW! In my opinion, the only pornstars who utilize agents like Derek Hay and Spiegler in today’s adult entertainment economic climate, are the pornstars who are escorting through organized crime run illegal escort rings – visit for further info. In 2009 I wrote a guide ( as to how to make it independently in the porn industry.  I’m reissuing the book next month so I suggest that those who are stubborn enough not to leave porn, read it. article spottedRead More
A PornNewsToday exclusive: Just when you thought Christmas was over – Monica Foster arrives with a wonderful treat for all of her fans and friends! In celebration of the Holiday Season, Monica Foster (the creator of the Christian Pornstar awareness movement, the founder of PornNewsToday, owner of xxxSimpleSites, author of Perfect For Porn the coffee table book and host of the weekly webcast MonicaAtHome) has redesigned and relaunched her official website: “With all the effort I put into my other adult and mainstream online endeavors, I felt it wasRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Once again was on the right trail and SO WAS I! Back in late January of this year Manwin (the porn industry megacorp that views Porn Valley as a Monopoly game and who has a front man that wishes he was Steve Jobs) sent me a bitchy email in regards to my linking their company to Reality Kings and – well as of today considering the article below from I WAS SO ON THE MONEY! All anyone has to do to SEE that IRead More