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Alexandra Mayers commentary: What Elizabeth Smart states in this video is EXACTLY WHY “teen”, “rape” and violent pornography of all types needs to stop being produced immediately.  What Elizabeth Smart states in the video below is EXACTLY why it is SICK that the Aids Healthcare Foundation has dubbed Michael Strother aka Mike South a “respected” blogger when he has not only posted on USAsexGuide, but RECRUITED men from USAsexGuide to participate in his movies. USAsexGuide has been WELL DOCUMENTED in regards to it’s posters KNOWINGLY having sex with UNDERAGE GIRLS.Read More
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Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Last month Charlie Sheen’s ex girlfriend/goddess Bree Olson (real name Rachel Oberlin) made it known to the public that she’s had a difficult time since leaving the porn industry to pursue a “mainstream” acting career. Currently Rachel places the majority of the blame for her difficulties in life upon society  (how she’s been stigmatized as an ex sex worker and discriminated against as an ex pornstar).  However, over the past couple of weeks, she’s realized that she’s addicted to some medications that have been prescribed toRead More
Monica Foster commentary: People technically don’t change that much…so one must think to themselves, “If Charlie paid for it back then, why would he EVER stop?” In my view this is solid evidence that every single one of those young ladies who were tossed into the lime light throughout Sheen’s drug binge were sent there by illegal prostitution ring leaders. The only question remaining is exactly WHO was his primary point of contact PIMP? article courtesy Charlie Sheen is not a stranger to oversharing and this time, it’s noRead More
A Monica Foster exclusive: Last week while attempting to remove my email address from the All Media Play mailing list (a porn studio which at least used to be headed by Jeff Mullen aka Will Ryder) , I had my remove request bounced back to me as “undeliverable”, which prompted me to visit to try to find an “unsubscribe” link. To my surprise, the website now forwards to something called Herbal Incense Megastore which is an online company that appears to market synthetic drugs in the legal form ofRead More
courtesy Monica Foster commentary: Not sure about this publicity stunt, BUT it’s certainly a step up from Bree’s video commentary on Kony. courtesy  An industry known for selling sex is doing its part to save women’s breasts – as well as their lives. Porn star Bree Olson, who is also the ex-girlfriend of Charlie Sheen, used her assets to raise awareness for breast cancer by hosting a breast exam bus tour around New York City on Tuesday. The “Save Our Boobs Bus,” decked out in pink and leather,Read More
Both Bree Olson and Tori Black have publicly announced that they are ready to say goodbye to the porn industry… Tori Black from “So, the cat’s out of the bag! “Are you retiring” and “What’s next for Tori Black, career-wise?” are questions I’m assuming are floating around, so I’ll take a moment to address them. I am not disappearing, however I will be growing and changing, as any evolving woman would. Certain feelings and aspects of reality change when a woman becomes a mother and the most important thingRead More