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Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Signing your name on the dotted line of a 2257 form and model release in the porn industry is essentially a blood pact with the Satan nowadays (actually a literally is considering that your actual blood is thrown into the equation via the required STD tests)… For those of you wondering exactly how much money Satan aka Lucifer is willing to give you for your soul – take a look at the article below (ironically the cameraperson aka soul collector is in the bestRead More
Alexandra Mayers commentary: If what this woman is claiming is true – I’m totally grossed out and probably won’t be utilizing any Airbnb accommodations when I travel… Amazing how quickly the porn industry realized that Airbnb is the perfect service for booking inexpensive locations 🙂 spotted on A woman has filed suit against a porn company for allegedly filming a hardcore gay porn at the historic mansion she rented on Airbnb. The Smoking Gun acquired a lawsuit filed by Kristina Knapic, the owner ofAcacia Mansion in Ojai. Knapic’s lawsuitRead More
Who is the FSC trying to protect from the world learning they have HIV or various other incurable STDs?
Monica Foster commentary: I’ve opted to stay silent until this evening in regards to the AHF (Aids Healthcare Foundation) subpoenas for patient information from the pornographic industry testing clinics… Why? Well, because I don’t have a “horse in this race”. However, here’s what I’m looking forward to finding out in the next few months… EXACTLY WHO in the “straight” porn industry is actively performing with HIV (or other transmittable incurable diseases).  I have a feeling that the FSC (Free Speech Coalition) is protecting a whole PACK of them who are wellRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I wonder how many more familiar faces will suddenly vanish… I wonder if this new Hep C testing is the real reason 3 contract girls recently left a well known studio… article spotted on LAweekly Following a performer’s claim that a man she was scheduled to work with might have tested positive for Hepatitis C, the organization in charge of the industry’s STD testing protocols announced the addition of Hepatitis tests starting today. That means performers who work for legit, mostly L.A.-based producers will have to submit toRead More
Monica Foster commentary: If this isn’t proof that porn professionals from Canada are the scum of the earth, then I don’t know what is… Much of Luka’s activity echos of SATANIC ritual which may be in connection to Ordo Templi Orientis (Aleister Crowley) ritual. Many in the Los Angeles porn industry claim to belong to the Ordo Templi Orientis (many are CANADIAN as well). Canadian police are searching for a man in connection with a murder in Montreal. A male human torso was discovered in a suitcase in a pileRead More