Monica Foster commentary: So as of current, it seems that you’re given a “Pass” to be an active performer in the Los Angeles porn industry talent pool if you are POSITIVE for Herpes, Syphilis and have a low enough viral load count for HIV (in other words, you could be positive for HIV as John Stagliano is, but still pass certain STD tests the Free Speech Coalition endorses – and therefore be cleared to work…scary isn’t it). spotted on AultFYI.com Here’s the Syphilis Document That Will Likely Hang Diane DukeRead More
Monica Foster commentary: NOW Los Angeles porn industry (especially porn talent), do you understand why you need to stop listening to complete LOSERS like Steve Hirsch, Kayden Kross (who has a criminal history), Diane Duke, the Free Speech Coalition and the APHSS (Adult Performers Health & [Un]-Safe Services)? As of this week, the United States Federal Government has essentially told the so called “leaders” of the Los Angeles porn industry that they are CLUELESS LOSERS! Don’t associate with losers my friends.  If you want to be successful and do well inRead More
Note: As of this morning, Gene Ross’s site AdultFYI.com was hacked & it seems his email may have been compromised as well. Update 8.12.2013: Mike South appalled over the new Hep C case of which pornstar Lisa Ann brought to light, but not over the Clover Syphilis case – AdultFYI.com Monica Foster commentary: Gene Ross and Rob Black shouldn’t be surprised by this post Syphilis case development at all…especially considering that the initial domain name for Pornwikileaks.com was www.DerekAndrewHay.com Update: The Mike South Faux Pas; Looks Like the Palace CoupRead More
***Update 8.15.2013: AIM Records Willfully Destroyed in Midst of Bankruptcy, Class-Action Suit – via AdultFYI.com Monica Foster commentary: Well once again I’ve been contacted by an anonymous source… I’m far from a legal expert, so it will take me some time to root through all the information released to me, but I’ve heard from reliable sources who are “in the know” in regards to AIM Healthcare since the lawsuit filed by Diana Grandmason (fka Desi Foxx) that the Free Speech Coalition has lied to the public in regards to theRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Hmmmmmmm – I’ve decided not to comment much on this one because in my view, there really is no “gay” or “straight side of the Los Angeles porn industry, but for some insight, I suggest you listen to this podcast of the RealRobBlackShow.com and begin listening from about the 137 minute mark. The bottom line is that THERE IS HIV IN THE LOS ANGELES PORN TALENT POOL! GET OUT OF THE POOL NOW IF YOU WANT TO LIVE! Between the HIV and the Hep C that theRead More
Monica Foster commentary: If what Rob Black of www.TheRobBlackShow.com said on his show today is true, then countless HIV positive pornstars could be actively working at this very moment – infecting only God knows how many other veteran AND new performers.  To take it a step further, countless pornstars who are escorts & prostitutes could be infecting hundreds (maybe thousands) of people from the general populace who book them through the organized crime run illegal escorting services every year! If you are an active pornstar in the Los Angeles porn industry –Read More
A PornNewsToday exclusive: Sean Tompkins (the individual who has claimed to have done the majority of the online work to get Pornwikileaks offline and who touts himself as the “Hero of the Porn Industry”) was most likely given an expense account to take Pornwikileaks offline OR was paid an amount of money upfront by what I can only assume to be the Free Speech Coalition considering how Diane Duke has gone on record taking credit for bringing down PornWikileaks as well. You would think that part of getting Pornwikileaks offline would have been taking ownershipRead More
Monica Foster commentary: It appears that as of 2/10/2013 the entire www.PornWikiLeaks.com site has been restored. The people (namely the Free Speech Coalition, Ari Bass and Sean Tompkins) who claimed to have brought Pornwikileaks to a close should have TOLD THE TRUTH, but they did not due to their desire for financial gain. According to @RealAdultJobs on twitter, Donny Long doesn’t own Pornwikileaks. ——————————- Blog post from the PornWikiLeaks forum: So back on Jul 15 2011 when we pulled pornwikileaks.com offline Donny Long wrote a blog for and about us here: Pornwikileaks.com andRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I personally don’t believe Mr. Marcus in regards to his claim that Talent Testing willingly altered his STD test. Talent Testing was the first center I utilized when I began my career in porn back in 2008 and I found them to be very professional. Sixto from Talent Testing Talks To Mike South By MikeSouth August 24th, 2012 I’m on the phone talking to Sixto Pacheco.As I talk to him I can hear the anger in his voice, but even more than anger there is a deep hurt.Read More
Monica Foster commentary: Funny how these little www.PornWorthWatching.com toons keep coming true 🙂 Wait till you see what’s next…Read More