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Alexandra Mayers commentary: So there’s an audio interview and information circulating in the mainstream media about model and pornstar Victoria Zdrok having gone on “4 dates” with Donald Trump. This is a very important piece of information for 3 reasons: Though Trump denies Victoria Zdrok being his “type”, she sure as hell could be a body double for Melania Trump’s good friend and roommate from her modeling days in Paris, France – playboy playmate and model Victoria Silvstedt. Though Trump denies in the audio that he ever “took her [Zdrok]Read More
Sean Tompkins (left) and Donny Long (right)
  Alexandra Mayers commentary: I’ve known for a long time that Sean Matthew Tompkins (of TRPWL The Real Pornwikileaks) works in tandem and in cooperation with Donald Carlos Seoane aka Donny Long (owner of the hate site that has terrorized pornstars for years – Pornwikileaks). I even made a video about it recently called Pornwikileaks Solved… However, last night Tompkins FINALLY openly admitted that he’s forged an alliance with Seoane aka Donny Long in the midst of a twitter feud with his ex partner Ari Scott Bass aka Michael Whiteacre.Read More
***Update 8.15.2013: AIM Records Willfully Destroyed in Midst of Bankruptcy, Class-Action Suit – via Monica Foster commentary: Well once again I’ve been contacted by an anonymous source… I’m far from a legal expert, so it will take me some time to root through all the information released to me, but I’ve heard from reliable sources who are “in the know” in regards to AIM Healthcare since the lawsuit filed by Diana Grandmason (fka Desi Foxx) that the Free Speech Coalition has lied to the public in regards to theRead More
A PornNewsToday exclusive: Sean Tompkins (the individual who has claimed to have done the majority of the online work to get Pornwikileaks offline and who touts himself as the “Hero of the Porn Industry”) was most likely given an expense account to take Pornwikileaks offline OR was paid an amount of money upfront by what I can only assume to be the Free Speech Coalition considering how Diane Duke has gone on record taking credit for bringing down PornWikileaks as well. You would think that part of getting Pornwikileaks offline would have been taking ownershipRead More
Monica Foster commentary: It appears that as of 2/10/2013 the entire site has been restored. The people (namely the Free Speech Coalition, Ari Bass and Sean Tompkins) who claimed to have brought Pornwikileaks to a close should have TOLD THE TRUTH, but they did not due to their desire for financial gain. According to @RealAdultJobs on twitter, Donny Long doesn’t own Pornwikileaks. ——————————- Blog post from the PornWikiLeaks forum: So back on Jul 15 2011 when we pulled offline Donny Long wrote a blog for and about us here: andRead More
Monica Foster commentary: One of the most popular “cougars” in the porn arena over the past few years was a performer who’s stage name was Desi Foxx – coincidently she also became one of the most controversial ex-pornstars since her and her daughter’s departure from the Los Angeles porn industry (she took legal action against the AIM clinic).  Curious as to what she’s up to nowadays? Well she’s gone back to school – take a look at her recent research paper! courtesy  EDITORIAL: I believe one of the mostRead More
  Monica Foster commentary: This is a very disturbing revelation – those involved with the now closed AIM testing facility definitely appear to be an extremely corrupt lot… courtesy Mention aporn” and “rape” in the same sentence and you are bound to get a whole lot of people upset. It doesn’t matter if you support the idea that sexually explicit material leads to violence against women, if you think the connection is a crock of shit or if you fall somewhere in between, just about everyone you ask hasRead More