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Sean Tompkins (left) and Donny Long (right)
  Alexandra Mayers commentary: I’ve known for a long time that Sean Matthew Tompkins (of TRPWL The Real Pornwikileaks) works in tandem and in cooperation with Donald Carlos Seoane aka Donny Long (owner of the hate site that has terrorized pornstars for years – Pornwikileaks). I even made a video about it recently called Pornwikileaks Solved… However, last night Tompkins FINALLY openly admitted that he’s forged an alliance with Seoane aka Donny Long in the midst of a twitter feud with his ex partner Ari Scott Bass aka Michael Whiteacre.Read More
Monica Foster commentary: I suppose tomorrow (or sometime shortly after) we’ll be reading a similar story about the individuals behind The Luxury Companion escort ring. Shutting down the illegal prostitution and escort rings which are run by organized crime groups is the only way the Los Angeles pornographic industry will ever be viewed as a legitimate industry. In countries like Germany “agents” such as Mark Spiegler would never be tolerated – in Germany he would be classified, identified and convicted as a common pimp. article spotted on BrowardPalmBeach¬† In theRead More