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Alexandra Mayers commentary: As stated in an article posted a few days ago, Plush Talent (operated by Scottie Ohanian) IS a licensed California Talent Agency.  Plush Talent’s website presents the agency professionally and Ohanian’s business relationship with industry veteran Kelli Roberts adds to the agency’s credibility. To view Plush Talent’s California Talent Agency license status for yourself, visit: and enter the license number 000213308 or just search for ‘Plush Talent‘. Scottie Ohanian of Plush Talent is on the same tier professionally as Derek Hay of LA Direct models, Mark Schechter of ATMLA andRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I’m not and never have been a fan of Scarlett Johansson. She’s one of those “actresses” I always figured escorted on the downlow who’d get cast in a big movie as “payment” for whatever Hollywood exec she’s seeing at the time. article spotted on Independent Scarlett Johansson has spoken in favour of women enjoying porn, claiming it can be “productive for both men and women”. Speaking ahead of her latest film, Don Jon, about a porn-obsessive, Johansson said she would be “flabbergasted” to discover her boyfriend was addicted toRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I can relate quite well to Lindsay Lohan. She’s a young woman that countless old white men with small penises lust after but don’t have a chance in hell to ever speak to (let alone fuck), so they stalk, slander and defame her…PUBLICLY.  When you’re a beautiful and talented person who refuses to be controlled, you have it rough…but in the end you’re a better person because you’re a person walking the path of Jesus Christ. 2013 will be a far better year for Lindsay. To thoseRead More
Monica Foster commentary: This one was surprising… article courtesy It was reported on Nov. 22, 2012, that popular actress Emma Stone has featured in a homemade sex video tape during her young age. The report stated that the beautiful actress, known for her popular roles in “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “Crazy, Stupid, Love”, did a wild video during her younger years before gaining popularity. This was revealed by an insider who happens to be a friend of Emma. This alleged video has been made long before Emma started dating Andrew GarfieldRead More