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Alexandra Mayers commentary: Most in the porn industry blogosphere today are chattering about a Canadian pornstar who went over seas to Bali for sexwork where she was allegedly raped (and unfortunately will have very little legal recourse being that the incident didn’t happen in the USA).  However I find this particular death a bit more of interest than the rape being that it happened in Las Vegas, NV (which is where many California pornstars are making the mistake of relocating to) and being that this death appears to have beenRead More
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PNT commentary: Her final tweet was on April Fools Day at 9:11pm article spotted on The Guardian Adult film actor Amber Rayne found dead in her Los Angeles home One of five women who accused James Deen of assault while filming a scene Cause of death for 31-year-old still unknown Adult film actor Amber Rayne, a 10-year veteran of the porn industry, has died at the age of 31 in her Los Angeles home, according to the county medical examiner. Rayne was one of five women to recently accuse fellowRead More
Mehran Chestnut aka King B
Alexandra Mayers commentary:  I wonder what the cause of death was.  This week porn professionals have been dropping dead left and right! It’s interesting how he was also a cast member of a popular reality show… spotted on  ATLANTA — Mehran Chestnut, who performed a number of gay porn scenes under the nameKing B, died last week, according to Chestnut was also known for his role in the mainstream reality show “That Life: Atlanta,” which followed the lives of six black men who struggle with their careers, relationshipsRead More
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***Update: It appears that this week the total death count is actually 5.  Porn industry sales veteran Rick Wells died as did a gay pornstar by the name of Rick B. Perhaps there will be some more recognizable names next week… Alexandra Mayers commentary:  It seems the average expiration date of behind the scenes key porn industry figures is around 65. There’s a few who are long overdue to cross over or disappear in my opinion – for example: Karch, Hartley, Jeremy, Holland, Randall… rumor has it a few onRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: Keep in mind, this was the same year Playboy bunny (and rumored girlfriend of Bill Cosby) Paige Young killed herself in a room that had photos of Hugh Hefner plastered all over the walls with the words “Hugh Hefner is the Devil” written on them… spotted on National Enquirer  Bill Cosby’s “sexual molestation” scandal has extended to his longtime pal Hugh Hefner – and now police want to quiz the Playboy founder, The National ENQUIRER has learned. At least 24 women have accused CosbyRead More
Monica Foster commentary: There’s only one reason that Larry Flynt (or whoever is pushing his wheelchair) is trying to “save” Franklin from lethal injection. It’s because the moment Franklin crosses over, Larry will be judged & sentenced by the one who has watched him for every second of his vomit inducing, “Barely Legal” hocking, disgusting life. In case I didn’t make my opinion clear enough Larry, let me spell it out for you: SHUT THE FUCK UP LARRY FLYNT.  YOUR SHOOTER SHOULD BE KILLED AND YOU DESERVE TO BE EXECUTEDRead More
Monica Foster commentary: 2 gay pornstar suicides back to back … that says a lot. Don’t doubt that a wave of straight pornstar suicides is on the horizon (please keep in mind that the best murderers are VERY SKILLED at making the murder APPEAR to be a suicide). article spotted PinkNews A French gay porn star has been found dead two weeks after the suicide of his American husband. Wilfried Knight, the star of gay porn films by Lucas Entertainment and Falcon Studios was found dead on 5 March inRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Child porn arrests are on the rise as are violent killings? I feel it’s in part due to the Los Angeles porn industry warping the minds of men for YEARS with what I call “gateway child porn”. Women like Sunny Lane, Jenna Haze and Lupe Fuentes are popular is because they look like and have consistently been prompted to ACT LIKE LITTLE GIRLS IN ADULT FILMS. Lets face the facts – the LA porn industry CONSISTENTLY CONDITIONS THE MINDS OF MANY PORN VIEWERS to PRIMARILY be arousedRead More
Monica Foster commentary: Well they got him, now what?  courtesy Fugitive porn star Luka Rocco Magnotta has been captured in Berlin following a week-long manhunt. The 29-year-old is a prime suspect in the brutal slaying and dismemberment of 33-year-old Chinese Concordia University student Lin Jun. The German tabloid Bild says Magnotta was apprehended by police at an Internet cafe in Berlin’s Neukölln borough. The UK’s Sunclaimed yesterday that it had reason to believe Magnotta was hiding in plain site, even going online to play “war games.” Police said Magnotta had fled to Paris after he allegedly killedRead More
Monica Foster commentary: If this isn’t proof that porn professionals from Canada are the scum of the earth, then I don’t know what is… Much of Luka’s activity echos of SATANIC ritual which may be in connection to Ordo Templi Orientis (Aleister Crowley) ritual. Many in the Los Angeles porn industry claim to belong to the Ordo Templi Orientis (many are CANADIAN as well). Canadian police are searching for a man in connection with a murder in Montreal. A male human torso was discovered in a suitcase in a pileRead More