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Condoms are still the law. Don't be a stupid porn performer - the Free Speech Coalition counts on your lack of drive to do your own research.
Diana fka Desi Foxx commentary via PornInTheValley.com: Cal/OSHA Drops Efforts to Amend Condom Laws as Porn Valley Refuses ANY Laws that Regulate Them EDITORIAL: Porn Valley propaganda being spread to the performers, claiming this vote as some kind of victory, is just that. Industry propaganda! PERFORMERS: If you work without condoms, YOU ARE STILL AT RISK and YOU STILL BREAK CURRENT CAL/OSHA LAWS! The whole point of all these meetings over the past 6 years has been to amend CURRENT Cal/OSHA requirements for extensive protective gear and procedures on theRead More
Who is the FSC trying to protect from the world learning they have HIV or various other incurable STDs?
Monica Foster commentary: I’ve opted to stay silent until this evening in regards to the AHF (Aids Healthcare Foundation) subpoenas for patient information from the pornographic industry testing clinics… Why? Well, because I don’t have a “horse in this race”. However, here’s what I’m looking forward to finding out in the next few months… EXACTLY WHO in the “straight” porn industry is actively performing with HIV (or other transmittable incurable diseases).  I have a feeling that the FSC (Free Speech Coalition) is protecting a whole PACK of them who are wellRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: This situation was just brought to my attention this afternoon, and it’s one of the most dangerous and incredibly irresponsible situations that I’ve witnessed in regards to the porn industry’s political face, the Free Speech Coalition… Seasoned pornstar of over 7 years, Kora Peters @KoraPeters, took to her twitter early this morning and questioned: “How come @FSCArmy & @apacsocial didn’t tell #PornStars about production hold until after the hold was over? It wasn’t on FSC website!” As you can see in Kora’s tweets whichRead More
article via xxxOrganizedCrime.com  This being my 1st foray into investigating blogging, I would like to give a heart felt “THANKS” to Miss Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster for graciously allowing me and supplying me with the platform in which to express my thoughts, observations, and opinions concerning the proliferation of ORGANIZED CRIME within the Adult film industry. Alexandra, you have my utmost gratitude. – NYCWatcher “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist” The Usual Suspects (1995) On Thursday, August 28th a deception wasRead More
***Take a look at the actual RESTRAINING ORDER which was provided to Mike South of MikeSouth.com at the bottom of this post.  ***As of 6:36pm PST on 08/28/2014 Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre violated the social media terms of the RESTRAINING ORDER. Evidence at the bottom of this post. Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: I TOLD YOU ALL for the longest time that Whiteacre has a serious problem, yet few of you listened.  According to Mike South of MikeSouth.com, that poor guy Patrick Stone (who’s already been to hellRead More
Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: This afternoon California Assemblymember Isadore Hall III presented Assembly Bill 1576 (AB1576) to the California Senate Appropriations committee.  Though the bill was placed on “suspense”, it is far from being halted or dismissed.  The bill will be reviewed next week, which is fantastic from my perspective, because it gives the California Senate members additional time to learn more about exactly what types of individuals in the pornographic industry oppose the bill and why. The California Senate Appropriations committee hearing was webcast live through theRead More
***UPDATE 02: Nina Devon received her HIV test results back this afternoon (see bottom of post). According to the screenshot she provided to PornNewsToday she is NEGATIVE and CLEAR of HIV. In addition, she has stated that she is working on moving her life in a direction away from adult work entirely. ***UPDATE 01: Nina Devon has stated she has retired from porn scenes, though she is still active as an independent adult entertainer. June 18th, Nina posted this RipOffReport in regards to her situation.  June 25, 2014 Nina hasRead More
***UPDATE: As of 6.25.2014 AB1576 was approved by the California Senate Labor & Industrial Committee. During the meeting, it was noted that funding for 26 additional Cal-Osha employee slots was recently granted to potentially investigate pornographic studios and enforce condom legislation. ***UPDATE: As of 5.27.2014 AB1576 received the necessary votes (41 – 12) to pass the California Assembly (as reported by MikeSouth.com)  Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: This morning the California Assembly Appropriations Committee (chaired by Mike Gatto) passed Isadore Hall III’s AB1576 bill which is set to ensure the healthRead More
Monica Foster commentary: You know, I thought I was a little over the top when I put together the cartoon in the video below. I guess not… I have a feeling John Stagliano has been thinking along the lines of Michael Lucas for YEARS.  Now it’s just all out in the open… article spotted on PinkNews  Gay porn producer Michael Lucas has defended his decision to produce bareback porn and says that he does not use condoms with his boyfriend who is HIV positive. In an exclusive interview with Queerty, Lucas said:Read More
Monica Foster commentary:  What else will it take for the Free Speech Coalition to accept the fact that California Assemblyman Isadore Hall III and the Aids Healthcare Foundation are trying to HELP, not HURT the pornographic industry? As Assemblyman Hall has said, for too long, the adult film industry has thrived on a business model that exploits its workers and puts profits over workplace safety. I have a feeling many meningitis cases (and deaths) will occur due to the rampant illegal prostitution acts of which countless pornstars regularly engage in. Pornstars,Read More