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Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster breaks down the truth of GirlsDoPorn and Pornwikileaks - organized crime
  In this edition of Alexandra Mayers LIVE, Alexandra shares an article from the San Diego Reader in regards to the connections between the website called Girls Do Porn, Pornwikileaks and organized crime (arms dealers, offshore banking and cartels). is a pornography website which is being sued by several women for the allegedly criminal and unethical behavior of Michael Pratt, Matthew Wolfe and Andre Garcia. It appears that Pratt, Wolfe and Garcia work in tandem with Donald Carlos Seoane aka Donny Long (a disgruntled ex pornstar, male prostituteRead More
go to hell sean tompkins trpwl
You would think that considering everything Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster has gone through… many events, issues and situations which Sean Matthew Tompkins aka @TRPWL utilized as leverage to gain ground (and influence) within the pornographic industry, he’d leave Alexandra alone at this stage and be satisfied with being the organized crime controlled pornographic industry’s “top blogger”… But no – for whatever reason he continues to bother Alexandra… apparently her being slapped with a $166,600 dollar judgement by a pornographic industry lawfirm just isn’t enough considering that she adequately managedRead More
trpwl sean tompkins multiple twitter account abuse troll the real pornwikileaks
According to the Twitter Rules – Sean Matthew Tompkins aka @TRPWL of The Real Pornwikileaks may be headed for trouble… Multiple account abuse: Creating multiple accounts with overlapping uses or in order to evade the temporary or permanent suspension of a separate account is not allowed. if you post duplicate content over multiple accounts or multiple duplicate updates on one account; For those who feel the need to report any of Sean Matthew Tompkins’ Twitter accounts for ABUSE, SPAM or TARGETED HARASSMENT here is a direct link to the ABUSIVERead More
Alexandra Mayers - North Miami Accountability Christian Pornstar music track dance song club Florida, United States America
via North Miami Accountability was initially written in anger as a poem, but now has been set to an original musical track (composed and performed by Alexandra Mayers of The exclusive “clean version” edited specifically for the Christian Pornstar spiritual, thought and art movement can be found on More
Years ago, Michael Strother aka Mike South (former owner and operator of Mike could have saved a multitude of people quite of a bit of time, trouble and grief if he’d simply made it publicly known that Sean Matthew Tompkins aka @TRPWL of The Real Pornwikileaks was on probation (as many of Tompkins’ actions at the time were in direct violation of his probation), but Strother elected to keep his mouth shut… Why? Likely due to greed… It’s a well known fact that when Tompkins initially appeared on theRead More
Serenity Haze / Farrah Valentine alleged stalker
originally posted on ( Beware this guy falls in love with webcam girls, porn stars and when they finally tell him they won’t be with him sexually he starts to release their personal info and phone numbers to their fans and family, He has been linked to Michael S****** & John T**** who was stalking other girls on twitter and sending their under age family members their porn videos Down below i will out line all the proof i have to show you this man is dangerous and shouldRead More
2014 brian brandt rape complaint 2014 02
via Only on News 4: Truck driver filed complaint against Bunny Ranch owner in 2014 There are new developments in the case of the truck driver charged with crashing his 18-wheeler into the Bunny Ranch brothel in Moundhouse on Thursday. News 4 has learned the driver of that truck, Brian Brandt, filed a police report in 2014 claiming he was drugged and raped during an encounter with Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof and several other people. Brandt claimed in the police report, a copy of which was obtained byRead More
Rumor has it that a major reason as to why a multitude of pornstars have lost interest in working with Mark Spiegler, has to do with his affiliation with the online bully Sean Matthew Tompkins aka @TRPWL. Hopefully OC Modeling will work out better for Honey.  Read More
dakota skye 01
Porn star, 23, is charged with domestic battery after ‘smacking her boyfriend in the face after sex’ A porn star is charged with hitting her lover in the face when he asked her to leave his apartment after sex. Lauren Kaye Scott, 23, who is known in the porn industry as Dakota Skye or Kota Skye, is accused of giving her boyfriend a swollen and cut lip after he asked her to leave his place because she wouldn’t get off her phone post coital, according to The Smoking Gun. Scott facesRead More
war machine 01 prison sentencing
via Updated June 5, 2017 – 5:53 pm Former mixed martial arts fighter War Machine must serve a prison sentence of 36 years to life, a judge ruled Monday, but the ex-girlfriend he was convicted of beating and raping said she will continue to fear for her safety. “I don’t know how much time in prison would make me feel right,” Christine Mackinday told District Judge Elissa Cadish in a tear-filled statement. “But I do know that when he gets out he will kill me.” War Machine, also knownRead More