Why did Sean Matthew Tompkins aka TRPWL attempt to bait Alexandra Mayers into logging into a domain registrar July 9th, 2017?

go to hell sean tompkins trpwlYou would think that considering everything Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster has gone through… many events, issues and situations which Sean Matthew Tompkins aka @TRPWL utilized as leverage to gain ground (and influence) within the pornographic industry, he’d leave Alexandra alone at this stage and be satisfied with being the organized crime controlled pornographic industry’s “top blogger”…

But no – for whatever reason he continues to bother Alexandra… apparently her being slapped with a $166,600 dollar judgement by a pornographic industry lawfirm just isn’t enough considering that she adequately managed to retain her first amendment rights upon the conclusion of the case (a case which she defended herself in).

Take a look at Tompkins’ latest stunt… The evening of July 9th, 2017 for whatever reason Tompkins aka @TRPWL decided to send Mayers a few texts attempting to bait her into logging into a domain registrar… Fortunately Mayers is intelligent enough to know, that it could be considered a criminal act to log into a registrar account that she doesn’t officially have access to.

go to hell TRPWL 01

go to hell TRPWL 02

go to hell TRPWL 03

It’s time for you to leave Alexandra Mayers alone Sean Matthew Tompkins. ¬†You have plenty of porn industry friends now who are willing to turn a blind eye to your criminal history, unethical actions, misogynistic attitude and racist ideals. Be happy and enjoy your pathetic life. Take the time to celebrate even over your Jovan Jordan victory… we all know how much taking down the Blacks gets you and your buddy Donald Carlos Seoane aka Donny Long hard. You’re almost 50 years old Sean Matthew Tompkins aka TRPWL, so grow up.

Go to hell Sean Matthew Tompkins aka TRPWL.


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