a phone call at 2am EST – the night before last

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Every once in a while nowadays I still stay up really late at night… Usually it’s when I’m listening to cinematic music by David Arkenstone in effort to numb the pain from thoughts of the past…memories I thought I’d completely forgotten…memories that for whatever reason have recently started to resurface (and that I’m unable to completely purge from my mind).

Sometimes I wonder if the thoughts that keep me awake are actually visitors from other dimensional planes keeping me company until it’s time for me to do my job – a job I never have been paid for monetarily… a job which has brought one of the porn industry’s lead attorneys to manufacture a fraudulent lawsuit against me that I’ve been forced to defend myself against in civil court… and a job that has led several attached to the pornographic industry and organized crime to discuss my pending death (which will likely be a murder) for approximately 7 years now.

The night before last was an evening I found myself wide awake till 2am EST to receive a phone call – a call I’m sure my visitors watching from an unseen dimension expected, but that I certainly didn’t anticipate.

You see, I have a friend…a male friend who used to work in the porn industry too. ¬†I’ve known him over 5 years and if it weren’t for his advice (when I was homeless and wandering from Nevada to Arizona a couple of years ago) I probably never would have had the courage to reconnect with my mother. ¬†Honestly, if it weren’t for my friend being on the other end of the phone when I called him on occasion a couple years ago, I’d likely already be dead.

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