EVERY MONTH Facebook has to deal with about 54,000 cases of pornography – including sextortion

original article source – Cnet.com

The content ranges from revenge pornography and “sextortion,” according to a report from The Guardian.

Facebook has a massive challenge when it comes to dealing with disturbing content like revenge pornography and “sextortion.”

How big? The world’s largest social network deals with nearly 54,000 cases of this type of sexual abuse each month, The Guardian reported Monday.

The number underscores the challenge Facebook faces in stamping out pornography — not a surprise given that more than 1 billion people log on each day. The company still has employees to find these cases, but the sheer amount of content is overwhelming. Facebook told The Guardian that it’s been turning to tech such as “image-matching” software to help get the content off the site.

“Keeping people on Facebook safe is the most important thing we do,” said Monika Bickert, head of global policy management at Facebook. “We work hard to make Facebook as safe as possible while enabling free speech.”

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