Alexandra Mayers fka adult actress Monica Foster releases TWO versions of “Lately” from the Christian Pornstar music album

Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster 2017 Christian Pornstar - Lately - Alexandra Mayers musicAlexandra Mayers fka adult actress Monica Foster released not just one, but TWO versions of her debut single “Lately” from the Christian Pornstar music album.

Though nowadays, most people recognize the tireless activist & artist Alexandra Mayers from her popular webcasts Alexandra Mayers LIVE and Monica At Home (webcasts which dare to tell the hidden truth about the harsh realities of the pornographic and adult entertainment industries), Alexandra is also a talented musician who has chosen to independently release her first batch of songs through the spiritual movement Christian Pornstar (which she initially launched November 07, 2011).

Alexandra states, “Generally I’m extraordinarily selective in regards to who I allow to possess my artwork.  When it comes to my visual art…namely my paintings…I’m certain I’d be far better off financially if I sold them to just anyone.  However, when it comes to my music…my music is the one form of my art that I want everyone in existence to hear…to experience.  I consider myself to be translator of concepts…whether I agree with the concepts or not. From my perspective music is the most effective language to educate the masses and share what I have learned – so I will.”

Look for the relaunch of the spiritual movement, thought, visual art and music project in June of 2017 (follow the movement on Twitter: @XtianPornstar)

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