Edward Przydzial makes a good point in regards to Pornwikileaks & an attorney rumored to be involved

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eddie Przydzial youtube comment Pornwikileaks victim

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eddie PrzydzialEdward Przydzial

[porn industry attorney] needs to be asked only one question in my book and that is why http://pornwikileaks.com exists… and he can’t say it’s freedom of speech or it’s against suppression of the press…
when you go look at that site you’ll see the horrid abuse of the internet along with the most hate filled, vile and nasty racist & bigotry ever put in the public domain. rumor has it [porn industry attorney] is supporting and even helping this website… it’s authors donald carlos seoane and michael tierney etc. say [porn industry attorney] is deleting things online using dmca and copyright to remove blogs and other informations exposing pornwikileaks? well google, wordpress say legal requests to remove pornwikileaks victim informations was done through an attorney…
so pornwikileaks is allowed to defame, libel harass and threaten but if you post the facts about it your information is removed by dmca or copyright? using free speech as a weapon to allow pornwikileaks to stay online as well? someone needs to ask [porn industry attorney] to state clearly if he is representing pornwikileaks or not and if he’s involved in suppressing the victims of pornwikileaks… answer this [porn industry attorney] because the public needs to know…”

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