Happy Birthday Melania Trump – have you considered speaking out against sex worker stigma?

Happy Birthday Melania Trump - care to speak out against sex worker stigma and discrimination?

American born sex workers of ALL ethnic, racial & cultural background face stigma & discrimination in the mainstream workplace (be they current or ex adult entertainers), yet Melania Trump hasn’t said one word about the issue despite her own past as a nude, adult model. 

On this webcast of Alexandra Mayers LIVE, Alexandra wishes Melania Trump (who claims not to have been a sex worker, though she clearly posed for nude photos with another woman in photographs that depict lesbian sexual activity) a Happy Birthday.

Alexandra suggests that since Melania Trump already has everything a woman could ask for, perhaps she should give back to the other American women who’ve also posed as nude models in sexual depictions – but ARE labeled as sex workers and who often face extreme negative stigma and discrimination in the mainstream societal work place.

Alexandra Mayers also shares a story of workplace discrimination in mainstream society that a woman she recently interviewed has faced, and points out the hypocrisy of Republicans who accept Melania Trump as their “First Lady”, yet condemn other women who have walked a path similar to that of Melania (but who weren’t fortunate enough to land a husband with the level of wealth that Donald Trump has).

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