AVN CEO Toni Rios: industry ‘on the upswing,’ & not moving to Vegas [because FLORIDA has always been porn’s lifeboat]

Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Ironically, I was recruited into porn in South Florida. I shot my very first scene for Bang Brothers with Dave Pounder.  If there are any ethical porn industry professionals looking to open an office in South Florida, I am currently looking for work (and I just happen to reside in South Florida).

article below spotted on LasVegasSun.com

Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017 | 2 a.m.

With almost 30,000 attendees from 35 countries and a record 800 industry stars set to participate, the annual AVN Adult Entertainment Expo arrives this week at the Hard Rock Hotel for the sixth consecutive year.

The expo runs from Wednesday through Saturday’s awards show. Admission ranges from $80 for a one-day pass to $1,500 for a four-day VIP ticket. One of five major conventions in the city this week, AVN is among the first to use the Hard Rock’s additional 18,000 square feet of convention space built last year.

AVN CEO Tony Rios spoke to the Sun about new trends, products and stars to anticipate at this week’s show:

Last year, we were told that porn is more popular than ever but it’s also more difficult to monetize because of piracy and free videos available on the internet. Has that changed since last year’s convention?

Absolutely, as new people enter the industry, we’re finding that higher-quality content is bringing buyers back. There was a point in the industry where all of the content started to look the same. It was all just very generic, and now it has forced everyone to step up their game from a content perspective. So you have sites that are now more mobile-friendly and have a higher-quality picture. It’s beautiful content.

The best ways to combat the lower-quality videos and piracy are to release more scenes with more frequency and have better relationships with the companies where the piracy problem originated from. We’re building stronger working relationships with all the major players, and they’re actually working on ways to make sure everyone is able to monetize their content.

We’ve got performers who are coming into the industry now who have always had tube sites. And instead of us looking at them as the people who ruined the industry, we’re looking at them as people who have valuable ways to market their product. That’s the right approach.

Tube sites, meaning their own streams?

A tube site is any sort of site that’s giving the content away for free. That has been the challenge for us with content creation. We’re spending the money to create the content, and we have to compete with free. How are we going recoup our costs? It’s very difficult. But the industry is on an upswing, and content production is on the rise. It’s a great time for the industry.

If the porn industry is on the upswing, when would you say it hit its low point?

It really started to fall in 2008. It coincided with the financial crisis, the Great Recession. Everybody thought that porn wouldn’t get hit, because we didn’t think anyone was going to give up porn. But it did get hit.

As the economy started to go back up, the piracy problem also started to go back up. It was just kind of like a perfect storm. The years 2008, 2009 and 2010 were difficult for the industry.

But we’ve been slowly ramping back up and retooling and coming up with new products that are not able to be pirated. We have a lot of companies moving into the novelty space; the live-cam arena has taken off tremendously, too.

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