BEWARE PORNSTARS of Shy Love and Miles Long – two self centered peas in a pod. SECRETS EXPOSED

Shy Love aka Sheelah Albino Blumberg and Miles Long aka Arthur Javier Ellis

Shy Love aka Sheelah Albino Blumberg and Miles Long aka Arthur Javier Ellis

With the 2017 Adult Entertainment Expo just on the horizon, social media (especially Twitter) is abuzz with announcements, photos and videos by the public’s favorite pornstars who are prepping to make their annual trek to Las Vegas, NV… but this year the mood surrounding the Expo isn’t as lighthearted as it’s been in the past.  There’s a distinct tension in the air surrounding the 2017 Expo, and that tension specifically stems from the rapidly shifting political climate within the sphere of the Porn agents and the various other industry professionals who both support and depend upon their ability to be trustworthy, ethical and (most importantly) loyal.

Late last year it finally came to light as to exactly how unethical, unprofessional, disloyal and deceitful veteran pornstar Shy Love aka Sheelagh Patricia Albino Blumberg is due to a lawsuit that was filed against veteran porn blogger Michael Strother aka Mike South. The lawsuit was filed specifically in regards to Strother being consistently fed false information by Shy Love about various individuals and events attached to the porn industry.  As a result of the lawsuit, Strother has made the decision to retire from writing about the porn industry entirely as of current. However, Shy Love has yet to make a public apology for the tremendous amount of hardship and embarrassment she’s brought upon Strother, his reputation and for her unprofessional, unethical and disloyal behavior towards the porn industry as a whole.

in the end, Michael Strother aka Mike South learned that Shy Love wasn't really his friend

in the end, Michael Strother aka Mike South learned that Shy Love wasn’t really his friend

Strother has opted to remove several of his posts from in which Shy Love was the source. One example was a post by Strother in which he was under the belief that a prominent figure of the porn mega corporation MindGeek was personally involved with and manufacturing “fake news” for pornstar Mia Khalifa. Not only was this story and rumor ridiculous – the rumor was manufactured entirely by Shy Love from what appears to be her constant need to hurt what she perceives to be her competition.

In fact, according to a reliable porn industry insider, it’s been Shy Love’s incredibly competitive nature that has time and time again led to her downfall.  It wasn’t enough for Shy Love to profit extensively from the sale of ATMLA to Mark Schetecter.  Rather than gracefully transitioning into another sect of the adult industry (or retiring all together) she immediately launched TheVIPconnect, which in actuality legally is no more than a Nevada employment agency – an agency she attempts to present as competition to licensed and bonded porn agents (though neither she nor TheVIPconnect is licensed or bonded in the state of California). In the end, TheVIPconnect led Shy Love down a legal route that didn’t conclude in her favor, and her continued attempts to keep TheVIPconnect afloat have severely tarnished her reputation within the adult industry.

It seems that the motive behind much of Shy Love’s attempts to manipulate porn industry bloggers over the years to target and attack her enemies and/or gain leverage over her competition has been deeply rooted in the deadly sin of envy. For example, a reliable porn industry insider has revealed that much of the false information Mike South received was an effort by Shy Love to attack a hard working and humble woman who she’s incredibly jealous of.  What Shy Love needs to come to understand, is that true success (which then may lead to beautiful and expensive material things) must be EARNED through HARD WORK – as cheap cons only get you so far in both business and life.

Miles Long aka Arthur Javier Ellis - long time pornographer and overall creep.

Miles Long aka Arthur Javier Ellis – long time pornographer and overall creep.

Speaking of cheap cons, male performer turned director Miles Long aka Arthur Javier Ellis has been implicated with Shy Love in the apparent scheme of misleading female pornstars into believing that they will receive a free photoshoot in exchange for spending time sexually with Miles Long – only to later be invoiced for $430 by Shy Love for the photos. In addition, a reliable industry insider has stated that Miles Long at one time completely fooled a very nice (and well off financially) Armenian woman into marrying him.  It seems that woman realized she had to get away from the creep when he attempted fleece her and then push her into being a “swinger” simply so he could be with other women – something that particular woman was not comfortable with at all.

A trusted insider source has made it known that neither Miles Long or Shy Love have tested with Talent Testing Services for approximately 3 years, so it’s highly advised that anyone working with either individual in the United States of America request they provide a current full panel STD test (as Herpes, Hep C and Syphilis 1 can all be problematic).

To conclude, it’s suggested that porn professionals use common sense and do their research before aligning themselves with anyone they deem as “successful” – as generally a person’s past behavior often repeats in their future when they consistently evade taking accountability for their actions. The porn industry’s survival and success ultimately depends upon it’s professional’s loyalty to each other – and as of current, considering the cut throat behavior of not just Shy Love, but Mark Spiegler as well…it doesn’t seem the industry has a much of a chance in hell.

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