What do Madonna and xHamster Land have in common? Ask Dave of King Savage Media!

Get to know Dave of KingSavageMedia.com – he’s working wonders for Xhamster.com!

– xHamster, who is sex positive, would like to extend an offer to Madonna, who was quoted in saying, “If you vote for Hillary Clinton, I will give you a blowjob … and I am good.”  Madonna continued, “I take my time, I have … eye contact and I do swallow.”
    – Kenneth “Ken” Bone, an undecided voter, who the Internet made famous for his red sweater getup at the second US Presidential Debate, has not chosen who he will vote for in this upcoming election.
    – xHamster believes Madonna, and would like to give her the opportunity to showcase her talents.
    – “Madonna has always been a beautiful woman in the world’s eyes.  We believe in your talents, and would like to give you the opportunity to prove it, by swaying Ken Bone’s vote toward Hillary,” said xHamster spokesman Alex Hawkins.  “We believe if you can sway Ken Bone, then your blowjobs are THAT GOOD.”
    – xHamster patiently awaits an answer from Madonna and Ken Bone, as to see the outcome of their offer, or if it is all “just another lie.”

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