Learn the TRUTH about Dennis Hof’s Nevada Legal Brothels directly from ex pornstar Desi Foxx on her new project: BunnyRanchInsider.com

Alexandra Mayers commentary:  I’m very excited to see the progression of this project – especially in the wake of the Lamar Odom situation

bunny ranch insider postIf you’re interested in the TRUTH of what happened to basketball player Lamar Odom at Dennis Hof’s bunny ranch, then you won’t want to miss this!

Desi Foxx spent 4 months working at Dennis Hof’s Moonlight Bunny Ranch and now she’s ready to tell ALL in regards to the inner workings of how Nevada’s legal brothel system operates, the truth of Dennis Hof, the truth of how the legal prostitutes are treated and the connection between organized crime controlled pornography and the legal brothel system.

Enjoy this preview and make sure you watch the full webcast which will be posted on October 31, 2015 – learn more on BunnyRanchInsider.com


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