Why did Gay Pornstar King B just die at only 24 years old?

Mehran Chestnut aka King B

Mehran Chestnut aka King B

Alexandra Mayers commentary:  I wonder what the cause of death was.  This week porn professionals have been dropping dead left and right! It’s interesting how he was also a cast member of a popular reality show…

spotted on xbiz.com 

ATLANTA — Mehran Chestnut, who performed a number of gay porn scenes under the nameKing B, died last week, according to TheSword.com

Chestnut was also known for his role in the mainstream reality show “That Life: Atlanta,” which followed the lives of six black men who struggle with their careers, relationships and families, all while navigating through Atlanta’s gay life. Chestnut, who also went by KB Love, also was an Atlanta stripper.

In a short period of time, Chestnut, using his King B name, gained traction as a gay porn star with studios such as NextDoorEbony and Hard Friction/Raging Stallion.

Chestnut died at age 24 on Sept. 3, according to the Atlantic Journal-Constitution. Cause of death was not revealed. A Raging Stallion spokesman did not have further details of Chestnut’s death.

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