Mike Gatto , Jackie Lacey & the Free Speech Coalition – Election Rigging shenanigans? PornGate?

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Breitbart.com on Mike Gatto fooling voters

click to enlarge – investigation into Mike Gatto on Breitbart.com in 2012

In the wake of this week’s porn industry related political events, which according to adult media sources have squelched Assembly Bill 332 – a bill set to mandate condoms statewide in California, many shocking revelations have been brought to light in regards to California assembly member Mike Gatto – one might even deem it “PornGate”.

Here’s what we know so far: In November of 2012 Breitbart.com reported that a Democratic state legislator appeared to be running as a Republican in order to get re-elected. The flyer, which prominently pictured 2012 Republican candidate Mitt Romney, was addressed to California “Republicans” and featured the California Republican Assembly logo and even provided a written guide for them to take with them to the polls to ensure they vote in line with the Republican Party.  Democrat Mike Gatto’s name is included on the mailer in a list of Republican candidates for federal and state office.

A reasonable inference from the flyers is that Gatto is a Republican endorsed by the California Republican Party.  Nowhere do the flyers identify Gatto as a Democrat.  Please notice that recently elected District Attorney of Los Angeles, Democrat Jackie Lacey  (who is a defendant in Vivid’s lawsuit against Measure B in Los Angeles) is also  listed in what appears to be the advertising spaces (though her campaign was supported by her Republican boss who she replaced – Steve Cooley).

Click to enlarge: Democrats Mike Gatto and Jackie Lacey are both listed on what one would assume to be a Republican mailer - as is a "No on Measure B" advertisement.

Click to enlarge: Democrats Mike Gatto and Jackie Lacey are both listed on what one would assume to be a Republican mailer – as is a “No on Measure B” advertisement.

Jackie Lacey - Los Angeles district attorney defending against Vivid Entertainment and Kayden Kross

Jackie Lacey – Los Angeles District Attorney

Doesn’t it seem odd that Mike Gatto’s name is in what appears to be an advertisement space directly above the “No on B” ad, which one can only conclude would have been paid for by either the Free Speech Coalition, one of it’s members, or the No On Government Waste committee (which was formed in September of 2012)?  Especially considering that Jackie Lacey is currently a defendant in the Measure B lawsuit against Los Angeles county (of which the plaintiffs are Vivid Entertainment, pornstar Kayden Kross).

Well that’s not all – here’s what makes the situation even stranger…

Judging from the titling of the mailer – The Citizens For Good Government (CitizensForGoodGovernment.org) would have received the funds paid by Mike Gatto’s and Jackie Lacey’s campaign as well as the No On Measure B campaign. Upon visiting their website however, the following statement was found:

We are aware of the misleading shenanigans being perpetrated by some outfit in California, and using our name.  Our legal department is looking into this, as we have been using this Citizens For Good Government™ since 1992.

As the owner of this entity here in North Carolina, I would encourage those in California to have a little come to Jesus talk with the rogues who are slandering our organizational name.   This is our brand and we aim to protect by any means necessary.  If one has to cheat to gain the trust of the people, then one does not have much to offer.

I also thank those who have brought this to my attention.

(left to right) Mike Gatto, Jackie Lacey & Diane Duke (head of the Free Speech Coalition) - could this be PornGate?

(left to right) Mike Gatto, Jackie Lacey & Diane Duke (head of the Free Speech Coalition) – could this be “PornGate”?

Logic would dictate that Mike Gatto, Jackie Lacey AND the No On Measure B campaign either paid money for the advertisements, or they were involved in the fraudulent mailer’s creation in the first place! The only other explanation would involve a conspiracy (someone’s out to get them), but that would be an incredible coincidence, considering recent events.

The mystery is exactly who did Mike Gatto, Jackie Lacey and the No On Measure B campaign pay to have these mailers sent out considering that that mailer has been  found (since November of 2012) NOT to originate from the legitimate Citizens For Good Government group based in North Carolina?

Has a rogue group that has an agenda in regards to how California’s political system affects the Los Angeles porn industry decided to attempt to sway voter opinion via what could easily be deemed as fraudulent actions, cronyism and election rigging?

Is this situation what Diane Duke was referring to when she stated “The Republicans are going to save our asses at this point”? There is definitely more news to come concerning this issue, so check back often!

Another statement from Citizens for Good Government (Robert A. Williams):

NOTICE:  There are various “mailers” and Voter’s Guides being distributed in various areas, cities and counties in California that bear the name “Citizens For Good Government.”  These mailers and voters guides do not have names or return addresses so a number of concerned California citizens have looked on the internet and found US.

We are headquartered in Cleveland County, North Carolina and have recommended conservative candidates, revealed government corruption and reported all things political for around 17 years.  We have concentrated in North Carolina and have not yet expanded into California.  We own the rights to citizensforgoodgovernment.org and citizensforgoodgovernment.com.  These California mailers and Voter’s Guides under the name “Citizens For Good Government” are NOT from us.

We understand California primary elections this year are under a new “Open Primary System” that allows cross party voting in the primary elections.  This appears to have offered an unintended consequence of cross party voting expressly for the purpose of weakening the other party and especially conservative candidates.

Please California, do not fall for this trick.  Check out your candidates and vote for conservatives.  Please do this quickly as the California Primary Election is Tuesday.

And, Remember this.  When you see a genuine “Citizens For Good Government” publication, you will find a name, address, telephone number and email address.  When you call our number, we will answer.


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vivid and kayden kross vs jackie lacey los angeles

click to read the entire document: porn studio Vivid Entertainment and Kayden Kross vs. Los Angeles County (Jackie Lacey a defendant)


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