SetBaby Watch – Day 1 : Is Teen Mom Farrah Abraham pregnant by James Deen ? *Updated!

Did TMZ just decide to freak out the public on Mother's Day - or is there a "Setbaby" on the way?

Did TMZ just decide to freak out the public for mother’s day – or is there a “Setbaby” on the way?


Update: James Deen claims Farrah Abraham buying the pregnancy test was a publicity stunt 🙂

As of 5.17.2013 TMZ has reported she is not pregnant – however she will be going on tour this year to strip clubs and porn conventions just as traditional pornstars do.

Monica Foster commentary:

I tweeted earlier today that I will be incredibly disappointed in Steve Hirsch if he neglected to orchestrate the Los Angeles porn industry’s first known and publicly accepted “setbaby”. I mean why stop at turning an MTV “Teen Mom” into a pornstar when you can take it a step further and have not only a sextape, but a CONCEPTION TAPE!

What is a “setbaby” you ask? Well, back when I was an active pornstar, a porn director explained to me that every once in a while an active pornstar shoots a scene without being on birth control – and a pregnancy results.  Most of the time, the active pornstar “takes care of the problem” via an abortion, but sometimes the active pornstar takes the “prolife” route – and you never hear from her again (is it merely a coincidence that the political face of the porn industry, the Free Speech Coalition, is headed by Diane Duke who in the past ran a planned parenthood facility? I think not…).

Now, according to an interview on – James Deen stated “My request to do the scene with her was that she was tested and we both get tested.” He continues, “I also said she has to be on birth control and they confirmed that she was on birth control.”

As of today TMZ ran a story stating:

“We’re going to go to out on a limb that she’s NOT pregnant … for 2 reasons.

1. We’ve seen the tape, and you don’t get pregnant THAT way.

2. It’s not that James’ parting gift went IN her as much as ON her.

Farrah Abraham sure kept calling James Deen "Daddy" a lot in that sextape they made...take a look and listen closely - I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.

Farrah Abraham sure kept calling James Deen “Daddy” a lot in that sextape they made…take a look and listen closely – I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.

Hopefully TMZ’s young readers will not take their statement as ANY sort of factual “sexual education”, because a woman can most certainly get pregnant from the activity of which I witnessed in Vivid’s “Farrah Abraham Backdoor Teen Mom”. In the movie, I’d say the “pull out method” was utilized – so please read what many mother’s have to say about the “pull out method” on

Though Farrah Abraham displays high levels of immaturity, she also displays a very highly manipulative character. Considering that Farrah regularly talks to young women about sex, she knows A LOT about sexuality (and probably her personal ovulation cycle too). She also has learned through trial and error exactly what it takes to stay in the public eye, and I don’t doubt for one moment that it didn’t cross her mind to attempt to conceive with James Deen.

Now of course I could simply be running away with my imagination – but earlier today I thought of something…whether Farrah Abraham is pregnant or not… “Conception tapes” rather than “sextapes” could be the FUTURE of adult entertainment.

I explained on my twitter earlier today how it could be done via the creation of a new reality series (of which I will host of course) called “SETBABY”.

Here’s what needs to be done to execute my plan:

  • Take the best and most presentable pornstars that remain, and pair them up into couples.
  • Forget about AB332 and Measure B – just have them fuck like bunnies on live webcam condom free until they conceive (make sure you record every moment because that conception footage will be extremely valuable later).
  • Once the female pornstar is pregnant follow her 24/7 for the next 9 months. Feel free to continue shooting her for adult content – there’s a huge market for “pregnant porn” (and live content) as has already been proven via Tori Black.  For shock value have the girl escort as well.
  • Finally when the pornstar goes into labor, film the birth.
  • Shoot lots of footage of the baby once it’s born. IF the baby is attractive enough the male pornstar who’s the baby’s father can hire himself out as a stud (or maybe just sell his semen) to women who want a baby with a similar look – think “Designer XXX Babys ‘R Us”.

The public would be endlessly FASCINATED by this new generation children from the “SetBaby” series. In fact these children would become “media darlings” fairly rapidly AND would greatly assist with the “mainstreaming” of pornography (and that is the goal Steve Hirsch – isn’t it?).

Each “Setbaby” could easily attain their own reality show. All in all “Setbaby” could essentially become a multigenerational twisted xxx version of “The Truman Show” – just think about it…and give me a call (or stop on by) so we can make a deal 🙂

ps: one more thing – if the pornstar “couples” happened to be married – my “SetBaby” plan would actually fall under the umbrella of the 21 commandments – anything is possible when you wish upon a star.

wish upon a star -

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