Satan just came to earth to collect Brian McKnight’s soul: Records ‘ Anthem’

Monica Foster commentary: The remainder of this year will be quite entertaining for my fellow Indigo friends of Jesus Christ and the Light. It seems quite a few entertainers out there (adult and mainstream alike) didn’t believe that after they sold their soul for fame and wealth – at some point in time Satan would actually come to earth to collect his property. Here’s an example of such an instance…


Brian McKnight Youporn songR&B singer Brian McKnight, best known for romantic hits such as “One Last Cry” and “Back at One,” is now singing the praises of internet porn,

The multi-Grammy nominated artist sings about “big titties” and “big round asses in your face” and “Julia Ann and Gina Lynn POVs” in a newly recorded track called “ Anthem.”

The dirty little diddy comes on the heels of McKnight’s “If You’re Ready to Learn,” an extremely raunchy love song meant to teach women how to masturbate properly. “If You’re Ready to Learn” upset a major segment of McKnight’s fan base when it was released online in April.

McKnight diehards who felt betrayed by the song’s sexually graphic content immediately took to Twitter to blast him, but McKnight — a father of two who lives in Chatsworth, California — defended his track by noting that he was just “having fun.”




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