Your Pre-Porn Mindset
There are no "Right Reasons" to get into porn, but there are definitely "Wrong Reasons".

Try your absolute best to think as CLEARLY and LOGICALLY as possible before getting into the porn industry. Sit down and create a list as to WHY you want to get in.

If any other the reasons you want to get in are the following, then porn probably isn't the best option for you:

To get rich.

To get "revenge" on a boyfriend, family member, or other person in your life.

Because your boyfriend or someone else thinks you should.

Because you are supporting a drug habit.

Most women get into porn for the above reasons and many find themselves even more unhappy than when they began.  Remember, once you begin a career in porn, and your photos and/or videos are released in magazines, on DVDs and/or on the internet you can't erase it. Even if you use an alias, there will always be someone who will realize that you've done porn.

There are no "right reasons" for getting into porn. However, if you do get in, you need to have a PLAN. Do your research, lay your ground work (please read the chapter of my book  "Building a Solid Pre-Porn Foundation" ), properly manage the money you earn when you begin shooting, figure out how long you want to remain a performer, and have an idea of what you want to do outside of performing later, whether it be within or outside of the adult entertainment industry.

The adult entertainment industry is full of people who prey on the naive and un-educated which is why it is PREFERRED for women (or should I say girls) to be as young as legally allowed for many of the porn movies and scenes.

Trust me, 18 to 21 year old women are not only promoted as much as they are in porn only because they are a popular porn niche.  It is also because the glamorous images of these young women encourage OTHER young women to want to follow in their footsteps and BECOME that "glamorous ideal". 

Though a very few women who began in porn between the ages of 18 and 21 have found success, most of the younger women who get into porn are very quickly pushed into very extreme areas of the industry and/or are pushed into illegal escorting.

I strongly suggest that a woman waits until she is at least 25 to get into the porn industry.  I personally feel the legal age to shoot porn needs to be bumped up from 18 to 21. A lot happens in a person's life that shapes their opinions about the world and themselves between 18 and 21 years old. Even more happens from 21 to 25. Give yourself time to mature enough mentally and physically. 

Be aware that drugs and alcohol are very present in the porn business. If you've never dealt with such things before you may not have the will power or insight to know to say "No" or to keep your alcohol intake under control. If you have a problem with substance abuse the porn world is not for you.

If you have definite plans to have a family at some point, please keep in mind the in porn you ALWAYS RUN THE RISK OF CONTRACTING STD's that have the potential to effect your health and/or fertility. Hopefully in the future condom use will be more widespread in porn scenes, but as of current condom use is not the norm.  If you are currently in a relationship but considering getting into porn, remember that not only do you run the risk of contracting and STD yourself, you also run the risk of passing it to your partner.

Before you decide to shoot your first scene, make sure whatever you are doing on camera is something that you've done before off camera. NEVER DO SOMETHING SEXUALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME ON CAMERA!

Make sure you actually sit down and WATCH PORN before deciding whether or not a career in porn is something for you.

Before you get into porn, you need to be very comfortable with your sexuality. If you are shy, porn isn't a good idea. I suggest to anyone looking to get into porn, to try working online on one of the adult webcam networks first (such as .

Also really think about who in your life you will be affecting by getting into the porn industry. Please read the "Your Pre-Porn Situation" section of this site or in my book before making your decision.